Endorsed as a daily ritual by so many, the alluring aromas of a morning coffee are enough to rouse even the weariest of sleepers from their cherished slumber. But while dazed, confused and barely on the spectrum of consciousness, how many of us actually pay mind to...

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Renée Bargh

Renée Bargh

Renée Bargh

Stepping out on the red carpet on a daily basis to interview every celebrity known to man would be the definition of the Hollywood dream. Interviewing your most idolised girl crush to your *ahem* actual crush, as well as the who’s-who of Hollywood heavyweights and Hall-of-Famers, would be near impossible for most. But for Renée Bargh, 32, this pretty much sums up her day-to-day life. Living amongst the LA A-listers as a host on American entertainment show TV Extra for more than eight years, this stunning, down-to-earth Byron Bay bred ex-pat – who became a household name as the host of Channel V Australia – is a red carpet connoisseur, covering every major entertainment industry event – click below to find out all the red carpet goss and her secret to wellness.

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Chic Christmas tree alternatives for the modern home

Long gone are the red and green kids toys hanging from one end of the house to the other or purple tinsel wrapped around the ostentatious Christmas tree. Look to these chic and innovative ways to get into the Christmas cheer - without ahhhhh, jeopardizing your style....

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