<span class=”firstcharacter”>T</span>hanks for stopping by Roza, we are so excited to have you here! I know many of our readers are dying to pick your brain on how you stay fit and healthy, as you are such an inspiring role model for the thousands who have been following your journey. (Congratulations on hitting the 100k mark on Instagram by the way) From, model to mum, entrepreneur and all things in between, we cannot get enough of you, your darling daughter Willow and of course it would be rude for me to not mention your rabbit Flopsy who makes multiple appearances and quite a bit of Insta coverage ;). What a remarkable journey and we thank you for keeping us glued and sharing your life with us.

Now, for the questions on every ladies lips,

1. How has the journey been for you post Willow in getting back into shape?

I am not going to sugar coat it and I think it is important to be truthful and say it was bloody hard! In total I put on 26 kg being pregnant. After giving birth I lost 18kg in 4 weeks not doing anything and then I was left with the other 8kgs, which was all the nutella and ice creams I ate!

Having a c-section made things harder again so my trainer Hayley and I came up with a very realistic program and goal. I started training twice a week and once I got my fitness levels up I increased it to at least 3 times a week incorporating cardio with high intensity training and weights. On the days I am not training I will try and go for at least an hour walk pushing the pram.

Prior to being pregnant I was never a fan of working out and I was lucky that I was naturally slim however now I am addicted. I notice a huge difference when I train in my skin, my hair and my energy levels and I feel fitter than I have ever been.

2. And your fitness routine? Care to share your secrets maintaining your incredible bod?

I think it is extremely important to set realistic goals and get in shape the smart way. This means no extreme dieting and keeping a work out routine that you can maintain on a weekly basis. If you work out and loose the weight in a steady and healthy way this means your body is more likely to stay that way. It is when you push your self to the extreme and have an unhealthy relationship with food that you will see your weight fluctuate as your body becomes shocked.

3. What does a typical day of eating include for you?

I am not a huge fan of breakfast so I will only have something like such as a banana, yogurts or a piece of toast and always have a cup of tea.

For lunch I am always out and a bout so will order some sushi, or a salad. Dinnertime is when I really enjoy myself and will cook something yummy for my family. Being European this usually means a beautiful pasta or lasagna. I will also try and have a green juice every day and at least 2 liters of water.

I love my food and I never deprive myself of anything. In saying that I am realistic and will make smart choices. For example if I have a bowl of pasta for lunch then I will have a very light dinner. If I want a piece of cake I will but not every night.

4. What advice would you give to mums out there on balancing work, motherhood and fitting in time for yourself?

There are plenty of times were I have felt guilty and felt like I wasn’t being a good mum. It is usually when I am racing out the door for a meeting and Willow is crying out for me.

I have learnt that it is important to be organized and structure your days.

The way I do this is having Willow looked after twice a week by her grandmas and on these two days is when I do everything I need to do for myself. On the other days that I am home with her I make sure that the day is all about Willow. This means taking her to the park, having play date and reading her favourite books. As soon as she goes to bed though that’s when I am back on emails and working until late.

It is also important to spend time with your partner even if it means having a date night every couple of weeks were you can go out for dinner and just enjoy yourselves.

At the end of the day being a Mother is the most rewarding yet toughest job you will ever do. You can never be perfect and you have to cut yourself a bit of slack as you are doing the best you can do.

5. The best thing about being a mother?

The way Willow looks at me with pure love. To her myself and her daddy and the most important people in her life and the way her face lights up when she sees either of us melts my heart.

6. During pregnancy did you take any supplements? And if so what would you recommend?

I took elevat before and during my pregnancy along with Vitamin D and Iron tablets. When my blood test came back early on my OB told me I was low in those areas so he put me on those supplements as well as a tablet for my thyroid as my levels were too low.

Being iron and Vitamin D deficient is very common when you are pregnant and as soon as I started taking them I noticed a huge difference.

I still take them now as they really give me a boost and I feel sluggish without them

7. Willows favourite food? Is she on to the super foods yet?

Not quiet! Willow is definitely a Wog baby! Her favourite foods include bread, pasta, olives, and cold meats

9. Your secret beauty tip?

I think it is very important to look after yourself starting from the inside. Personally I notice huge difference when I take the time to drink plenty of water, take my vitamins and make sure I eat a very healthy diet. If you are all clean from the inside then it will show in your skin and hair and that’s when you will get that beautiful glow in your skin.

10. Best advice you have been given?

Don’t worry about what other people are doing. You need to focus your energy on what works for your. Just because some one swears by yoga and being a vegan it doesn’t mean you have to conform into what is the ‘cool thing’ to do now.

Personally I won’t ever jump on the ‘paleo’, or the chia seeds bandwagon because its what’s trendy now. You need to know your own body and do what’s best for you.

11. Care to share your favourite go to recipe?

When I am in a rush then I will whip together a very simply but healthy stir-fry with lots of vegetables, or grill some chicken and a healthy salad.

If I have time then I do make pretty awesome lasagna!

12. What is your advice to other mums who feel overwhelmed with motherhood and the daunting task ahead of getting back into shape?

The best way I can ease a mother mind is to stop and tell them, “You just grew a human being” That is awesome!

Your body will never be the same and you may have stretch marks in places you have never had before but all you need to do is look at your healthy and happy baby and all those worries seem to fade.

Another great way to appreciate how far you and something that I like to do when I start complaining that my stomach is still a bit flabby is to look at photos right before I gave birth and how big my stomach was!

One look at the huge belly and I instantly think ‘wow ok, I have done pretty well”

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