If you haven’t already figured it out by now, we place a high priority on taking care of ourselves – and often, that starts from the inside. With so many different wellness, skincare and beauty products on the market these days, it can tend to get a bit overwhelming when it comes to choosing the right products for you. It can also often be very hard to know what ingredients go into the products we consume and whether or not these are actually healthy and beneficial for our bodies. Well, that’s where Imbibe comes in. Imbibe is a wellness and beauty brand that offers a wide range of inner beauty, skincare and sexual wellness products. All made from naturally sourced ingredients and science-based formulations, Imbibe products are setting the bar when it comes to sustainable and quality wellness and beauty products.

Imbibe was created after the founder Felicity started making probiotic drinks from her kitchen in order to try and heal herself from health issues she was facing at the time. Felicity was diagnosed with an auto-immue condition that causes extreme digestive problems, prematurely ageing skin, hair loss and fertility issues. In desperate need of products that would help her, Felicity took things into her own hands and created her own product line that did just that. Shortly after using the products her autoimmune symptoms were gone, her digestive issues were under control, her hair started growing and she miraculously fell pregnant with her third daughter. 

Unlike a lot of beauty and skincare products that are rushed to market due to pressure and high demand, a lot of time and careful consideration has been given when it comes to the design process of Imbibes products. The team have carefully curated the ingredients that go into every one of their products to ensure all products are made with 100% natural and clean ingredients. Founded with a mission to empower women across the globe to have access to a new level of health, vitality and radiance, Imbibe’s curated edit of products helps make beauty in the everyday simple and more effective. 

No fillers, no binding ingredients, no artificial flavours, fragrances, synthetics, parabens or ingredients – it almost seems too good to be true right? Well, it’s not. The Imbibe product range is constantly evolving to ensure sustainability and effectiveness are achieved. This thoughtful approach is even taken when it comes to their product packaging. Imbibe’s product packaging is made from reusable glass, refillable containers and compostable paper products. While there has definitely been a rise in people being more conscious about incorporating sustainable products and practises into their daily routine, if you haven’t already jumped on the sustainability bandwagon, Imbibe products should definitely be one of your go-to’s and is a great place to start. And if you’re unsure where to start, Imbibe have just released a new 300g collagen jar that’s made sustainably using Miron glass. It’s even refillable with a compostable 300g collagen bag for when you need your next round. They really have thought of it all.

And, if you are one of those people that tend to start a wellness routine, then fall off the wagon three weeks later… Imbibe has made it easy. The products go so harmoniously together you can mix your own concoction into one glass of water for that burst of inner-beauty-wellness in one simple sip. We suggest mixing the Inner Beauty Renewal, Miracle Collagen and Imbibe Protect for the perfect morning beauty buzz. It tastes amazing too!




Emilee Mchugh

Emilee McHugh is your go-to girl when it comes to all things interior design. She is a freelance writer and interior designer based in Melbourne. She is the Founder and Creative Director of Studio McHugh, a boutique interior design & creative studio. She is a lover of fashion and interiors and believes the two go seamlessly hand-in-hand. She swoons over a good piece of vintage furniture and can’t start the day without a strong latte (or two - but don't tell anyone).