Lymphatic stimulation and cellular regeneration techniques are fast gaining traction as the solution in our search for long-lasting wellbeing. Even the most pristine of cellular make-ups aren’t superior to bloating, inflammation, puffiness, cellulite and water retention. So, how can we continue to encourage a baby-smooth, peach-firm skin condition, when it’s so reliant on the harmonious chatter of the brain and nervous system?

“I don’t believe there is any separation between the mind and body,” says Simone Moyle, founder of Santé, a clinic that specialises in considered Endermologie for cellular regeneration, lymphatic stimulation and the mind-body ritual. “Awareness is the distinguishing feature. When we’re able to slow down and tune into our sensations we can bring our focus back to the body, rather than just being present from the neck up.” Moyle explains that the skin requires various types of sensory input to elicit biochemical and hormonal responses in the body – the ones you want. The ones that release feelings of relaxation and support the body’s natural healing processes. 

Yet, lymphatic flow isn’t just something you can turn on like your salt lamp. Luckily, there are ever-evolving ways you can start to shift excess fluid into the lymph nodes and eliminate harmful bacteria, practically from the get-go. 


A deeply relaxing treatment that helps to switch you into a parasympathetic nervous system (rest and digest) state. And it’s completely natural. This patented LPG treatment uses soft pulsating and gentle suction to stimulate cells that produce collagen for improved firmness, hyaluronic acid for plumpness and hydration, and microcirculation to breathe life into the body and drain fluid. Moyle attributes the sensation of buzzing and tingling t o increasing awareness of the blood flow and energy that circulates through the body. “The most common results I see are increased energy, less puffiness, fluid retention and bloating. A greater body connection and appreciation, less inflammation, tension and tightness, better circulation, improved skin tone and decreased cellulite, and an overall sensation of relaxation, lightness and vitality.” 

Dry body brushing 

The sleek-leg lover’s favourite technique to move fluid troughs, stimulate healthy skin cells and create a glowing complexion. It’s also the ultimate detoxifying body treatment that has been celebrated for its therapeutic qualities of improving circulation, long before we were born. And the best part? I t’s achievable from the comfort of your own home! While you are just brushing your skin with a dry (not wet) brush, there is a simple artform to it to maximise it’s benefits. Moyle details this below. 

Simone Moyle’s lymph clearing technique 

Slap the below areas of your body with your hands before you begin to use your brush to help open pathways. 

1. Above the collarbone (left side then right) 

2. Pectoral/armpit area (left side then right) 

3. Upper and lower belly (cover entire area, alternate slaps with one hand on the upper belly and one the lo wer belly) 

4. Groin (can do left and right at the same time) 

5. Back of knees (can do left and right at the same time) 

Then, Simone recommends moving your brush over your skin in long, circular motions in the direction of your heart. Maintain slightly firm pressure as you do this. 

Just keep moving 

A sedentary lifestyle is the antithesis to lymphatic drainage and circulation – just ask your office-dwelling buddies. If you’re not into lunchtime yoga, make sure you’re getting up to stand, stretch and walk around at least once every hour. This will help reduce any feeling of tired, heavy leg muscles, and can also help to clear the mind. The desk-sitter’s hack is to keep a tennis ball nearby to roll each foot over. This will engage your muscles and keep your lymphatic system running as desired. Stretching and foam rolling will additionally assist the flow. 

Gua Sha 

The Instagram phenomenon traditionally used in Chinese me dicine, involves sweeping a flat, rounded tool commonly made of jade, over the facial skin. The action relaxes the muscles, boosts circulation as you create a controlled trauma (sha, meaning redness). This encourages the skin to repair itself by making new collagen and bring in oxygen. It also helps release tension, especially if you’re a jaw-clencher or prone to headaches. Your instant glow-up. 

Eat yourself right 

Although cellulite and drainage factors are not directly related to fat, eating to nourish will always help. Avoid toxins and lessen the load on the lymph nodes b y eating mostly organic produce and steering clear of foods rich in salt, sugar, carbs. A heavily vegetable-based diet can be too hydrophilic and encourage water retention, and too little protein can have the opposite effect – the body uses up its own proteins and affects your skin’s elasticity. So, up your protein, and balance your green veggies to make a full-proof recipe for circulation. 

Adequate hydration 

Hydration is necessary to keep the lymph system flowing as it’s 95% water. Drinking plenty of filtered or spring water (no plastic, please!) is preferable to tap water which is filled with toxins that dump an extra burden. Unfiltered water means your kidneys and lymph have to do the hard yards. The body also produces vasopressin, an antidiuretic hormone, and when you are dehydrated, your levels of vasopressin rise, which makes the kidneys hold on to water. Try a water-tracking app to stay up to date on your hydration. 

Stress management 

Stress causes tension and stagnation by tightening tissues and decreasing lymphatic flow, while cortisol breaks down the lymphatic structure, further weakening the system. So, how can we effectively manage our body and brain bust-ups?
Simone Moyle recommends deep diaphragmatic breathing for pumping lymphatic fluid around your body. Indulging in a detox bath with magnesium salts will facilitate the release of cellular waste. Adequate sleep and restorative practices like meditation and making time for self-reflection will work wonders. 




Anna-Louise McDougall

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