Another epic Australian Summer has descended upon our stunning country and this only means one thing – hordes of bronzed up, sand-loving, salt water-craving Aussies are escaping to the coastline in record numbers.

Yep, it’s what we’re known for worldwide – breathtaking beaches and beautiful people that flock to the seaside more than seagulls to fish and chips. But, while we’re busy relishing in the daze-inducing task of days spent soaking up the sun, we’re always constantly being reminded of the importance to ‘slip, slop, slap’ – and this year, we’re on board too.

Of course, any female who’s ever ventured off to the beach is all too familiar with salty, dried out locks and tight skin from a little too much overindulgence. We’re all guilty of it. But, we seldom consider the after-effects of harsh sun exposure as much as we do harsh winter weather.

That’s where we step in. Get the after-beach glow, the feeling of rejuvenation and state of calm that only a day spent seaside offers, minus the harsh effects and realities it has on a woman’s beauty. Sort yourself with our skin and hair care tips, tricks and remedies – so that you needn’t worry about anything but working on your tan (responsibly, of course!).

Don’t Skip The Sunblock!

Yes, we know. We sound like your mum nagging you to put on your sunscreen. But, it truly is the most beneficial thing you can do for yourself. Not only should you be wearing sunscreen while at the beach, it’s in fact recommended by beauty experts worldwide as a necessity to incorporate into your daily beauty routine. A favourite is Drift Essentials Sun Cream. It’s designed for the adventurous souls, utilising the latest in sunscreen technology to create an SPF50+ protection cream that lasts 4 hours and is water and sweat resistant and also, packed with botanical aloe vera and vitamin E to sooth the skin. Aside from the obvious positives of saving you from suffering and glowing red the following night, sunscreen’s amazing anti-aging properties and prevention of dried out, blotchy faces is hard to ignore.

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Stay Shady

If you’re smart and want to prevent the sunburn from occurring in the first place, then investing in one of these beach umbrellas is the most proactive things you can do. Sunday Supply Co. are creating gorgeous prints on large beach umbrellas to protect both you and your families from sun exposure while stilly enjoying all the pleasures of a day at the beach. After all, everybody gets to a point where they need a little break from the sun and crave a little shade. These guys are making sun-safety trendy and insta-worthy! Around $250, the sturdy brollies are the staple that you’ll always need when visiting the beach.


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Protect Your Noggin’

A trusty hat for the summer season can do no wrong. Remember the whole ‘no hat, no play’ rules back in school? Well, it should still be applicable to your adult life. Granted, this one’s pretty obvious but a good hat never goes astray – and it battles a burnt scalp and harsh sun to the face! Our pals at Lack Of Colour are killing it in the headwear accessories game and have single-handedly transformed hats into a must have finishing touch to compliment your perfect outfit. It’s basically the ‘full stop’ to a sentence, so why not combine sun safety with an uber-stylish hat?


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Beat the Breakage

It’s never a pleasant feeling when we get home and our hair feels like wire. But, the one positive that comes from a day at the beach is the feeling of a soul-cleansing shower where you’ve emerged basically a brand new woman. While you’re enjoying your post-sun glow and freshly moisturised skin, we recommend a nourishing hair mask post-shower. A favourite is Olaplex – you’ve probably heard about it before from basically every hairdresser, ever. But they’re not wrong- this stuff is legit. While the first two steps are for in-salon professionals only, the 3rd serum is for us ladies’ to take home. It prevents breakage by penetrating the hair; bonding properties and repairing from within the follicles, not just at surface level like so many other treatments. It goes for as little as $50 and will save your hair from a world of damage!


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Hydrate With More Than Water

Exceptionoil from Go-To by the legendary Zoe Foster-Blake is a must have during the dry months! It’s an all-rounder and produced with no nasties from the highly reputable Australian made company. The trusty moisturiser is a girl’s best friend and these guys obviously know that. After you’ve stepped out of the shower and washed about the sand and salt, lather yourself in this bad boy and you’ll remember all the reasons why silky soft skin is so amazing! At the really reasonable price of only $51, Exceptionoil is the do-it-all that nourishes, soothes and conditions your skin, nails, heels, cuticles and hair. So, do yourself a favour and keep your skin from being thirsty all summer long with this perfect remedy to kick the after-sun dries right to the curb.


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Protect Your Pout

One of the most important and overlooked areas for protection from harmful UV rays is your lips. They have no ability to produce a protective suntan, unlike other skin areas, so they’re prone to burning – resulting in those blistered, flaky, dried-out menaces that wreak havoc and pain to us all. That’s where a lip repair balm comes in handy. For only a mere $10, Context delivers an SPF 30+ repair kit to save you from the pain of burned lips. What’s the difference between this and other lip balms you can grab at your local shops? Well, regular oily balms and glosses attract more sun to the skin and increase radiation unlike this SPF laden protector.


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