Aussie Actor, Chiropractor and Australia’s original bachie Tim Robards knows a thing or two when it comes to roles. While these are often played out on screen, his new role of father-to-be is one he is not taking lightly.  We sat down with Tim in his Sydney home to chat all things fitness, nutrition and the feels around the pending arrival of his first child with wife Anna Heinrich.

ACC: How are you feeling with the pending arrival of your baby girl?
TIM: I have been super excited but as it looms closer it is starting to get real! It’s a little daunting that life is going to change so much as I know it and I know it’s going to be challenging but I like a challenge and I can’t wait to meet my little girl! 

ACC: What are you looking forward to most about fatherhood?
TIM: I think at the moment my work and life revolve a lot around my personal brand… From acting to The Robards Method, ambassadorships, and even as a chiropractor. To be honest I’m looking forward to thinking less about myself and more about my little girl. To pass on knowledge and love and wisdom and make the world an even better place with my daughter in it.


ACC: What are you most nervous about?
TIM: The lack of sleep, fewer trips to the movies and dirty nappies! (laughs)

ACC: What life lessons do you hope to pass on?
TIM: Back yourself, take risks, don’t be afraid to fail. Find what makes you happy and do more of that. Work hard with integrity and honesty, especially to yourself. Your health is the most important thing for you to stay on top of so you can get the most out of life and be the best you can be for those around you.

ACC: If you could choose one trait of yours to pass along to your baby girl, what would it be?
TIM: Balance. I think I’ve always been good at keeping balance in life, where it be in my health, my work, my social life. I think to be balanced and grounded is a great foundation to build a healthy and happy life.


ACC: If you could choose one trait of Anna’s to pass along, what would it be?
TIM: Her confidence, self-esteem and kind, selfless, and giving nature. 

ACC: On that, how is Anna doing? She is absolutely radiating…
TIM: As far as pregnancies go, she has had a pretty good one! Maybe a mix of genetics and luck, but I also believe her healthy lifestyle leading up and during are key components to maximising just how great her pregnancy has been. 


ACC: Will we see a return to Neighbours anytime soon, or is it goodbye for good?
TIM: Never say never, but I’m super excited to sink my teeth into some other acting projects now and grow my experience in the acting world. Soap is a definite format and I’m keen to expand into other on-screen styles. 

ACC: Tell us a little bit about your fitness program The Robards Method. What can people expect from joining?
I don’t know any other way that can improve balance, joint mobility, flexibility, build muscle and burn fat as well to be honest. The main program uses rings and simple park equipment (which u can also find at the gym) so that people can get the benefits of the gym without needing a gym membership. Using your living room floor can be great if you can’t leave home but you will struggle to build real strength and muscle. This is the next step for those ready to ditch the repetitive lunge, squat, pushup and burpee routine at home.

ACC: And your 7:2:1 nutrition formula? Can you talk us through this theory?
TIM: 721 is a formula for a sustainable way of eating that doesn’t avoid food groups and is not a diet. It’s a sensible and realistic way of redesigning the way you eat.
721 is the ratio of breaking your weekly food intake into –
70% super clean meals – Food that has been very minimally processed, ideally not touched by a machine before it gets to your kitchen. Real whole foods, fresh, that you can turn into simple tasty meals
20 % sensible meals – This section allows some minimally processed foods that are more ’sensible’ takes on what would normally be a comfort style food. I.e. Instead of traditional spag bol with just pasta and meat sauce, try halving the pasta with zucchini noodles or whole wheat pasta, grate in some veggies and have a side salad or steamed veggies to balance the meal out.
10% relaxed meals – This is whatever relaxed means to you. It’s celebrating letting your hair down and enjoying some birthday cake, a takeaway pizza or McDonald’s if that’s your thing. You may even still be quite health conscious and enjoy having cacao bliss balls or something else with more natural sugars and fats.

tim-robards Tim-Robards-home

There’s usually always a ‘better way’ but with so many of us not even close to a healthy diet, this is a great way to make some simple changes for the better. Essentially, you will start looking at your meals and asking yourself… is this a 70, a 20 or a 10 percenter. It’s a great way to get people simply eating more real food and not feeling guilty when they have some ‘relaxed’ meals or treats 10% of the time. If you’re eating real food 70% of the time and pretty damn good for the other 20%, you’re well on your way to a healthy balanced diet. 


ACC: If you have one takeaway piece of advice for soon-to-be fathers out there what would it be?
As a soon to be father myself right now, I can only really say two things… be supportive to your partner, be ready for crazy hormones, and make sure you use the time to get your health in check so you can be the best father and partner you can be. 

Images: Ben Adams 



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