With a summer full of champagne celebrations behind us, it’s a good time to detox as we transition into a new season. If you’re looking for an alternative to alcohol or just a refreshment with more consideration to your wellness, try these for a weekend sip – guaranteed, you’ll thank us for it.



The brainchild of UK-based botany enthusiast and entrepreneur Ben Branson, Seedlip is the world’s first non-alcoholic distilled spirit. Seedlip comes in two expressions, our pick is Garden 108 served with tonic for a refreshing drink with a naturally sweet accent while staying sugar, sweetener, calorie and allergen free. Seedlip is a sophisticated alternative to alcohol and not only just for home, you can find Seedlip in over 100 Michelin star restaurants. If it’s good enough for Kate Moss, it is worth a try!


Kombucha is a drink that’s well and truly making a comeback from the 70’s; a low-sugar and alcohol alternative with benefits to gut health along with aiding digestion and improving liver function. Loved in the wellness space already, Bucha of Byron is taking sparkling raw kombucha into the pubs and bars as an alternative to alcohol. With the founders coming from the beer industry and collaborating with Stone & Wood Brewing Co. this kombucha drink, naturally, looks and feels like a beer. The Bucha of Byron is brewed in Byron Bay, using only locally sourced ingredients for their original brew along with a newly released Lemon Myrtle flavor from the plant native to the Northern Rivers region and known for its numerous health benefits including digestion and immune health.

Photo Credit Gemma Watts


CILK is a beauty product with depth. A luxury liquid beauty supplement made from certified organic roses, with a hint of pure vanilla and cold pressed hibiscus, this extract is designed to enhance the skin’s natural glow from within. A luxurious yet subtle form of edible beauty that goes beyond the surface of the skin, the ethos of the brand is an effortless approach to enhancing your natural beauty and skincare, while indulging in a truly beautiful experience of relaxation and luxury. Best served with tonic water and can be consumed before bed to hydrate while you sleep. Try adding a few drops to a morning smoothie or fresh watermelon juice.


Lemon, the ultimate detoxifier, vitamin C booster and antibacterial hero – and believe it or not it still tastes delicious without your usual vodka and soda added!

As well as adding lemon to your morning glass of water, a thirst quenching home made lemonade is the perfect healthy drink option for everyday detoxing, as well as entertaining. Here’s one our Editor Brooke prepared earlier! A Healthy Lemonade recipe for you to whip up and start enjoying the many benefits of lemon including balancing your PH levels, flushing out toxins and metals, and nourishing brain and nerve cells – we could all use some of those brain cells back after an indulgent summer!



Sara Pull

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