If you ask Jalaan what inspires her? She answers: “respect for the land, ocean and each other”. If you ask us what our current inspiration is? It would simply be the story of this incredible, bright young woman and her journey of creative triumph as she paves her way in a predominately male-dominated industry. All… whilst paying homage to her heritage and the land her ancestors walked on.

Meet Jalaan a 16 year old Bunjalung woman making a name for herself, shaping surfboards for world champions and other surfers from her home-based cottage in Fingal Head, New South Wales.

Jalaan’s roots run deep being a young indigenous woman from Bundjalung Country. Her land is situated on the north coast of NSW and south east corner of Queensland. Country that takes in iconic wave rich locations such as Byron Bay, The Tweed Coast and the Gold Coast. 

Growing up on the land of her ancestors, she fell in love with the ocean, movement of boards and surfing. Jalaan wanted to create something unique to pass onto future generations whilst keeping her culture alive and it was here she founds her creative calling. 

Representing a handful of aspiring women shapers that are learning and refining their craft, Jalaan’s passion to shape boards comes from the inspiration to connect with people; to create boards unique and personal; to connect her community to nature and its natural energy flows through the boards she creates. By watching people surf and reading their connection with the waves these unique and individualised boards have their own story to tell and the local community could not be prouder. 

Jalaan Slabb is a true representation of ROXY’s ‘Make Waves and Move Mountains’ ethos – empowering other young girls to follow their dreams. 

ROXY is giving four lucky people the chance to win a custom board made by Jalaan. For your chance to win head to




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