A Conscious Collection Chocoholic E-book




Welcome to a new kind of chocolate experience. The kind that tantalises those taste buds and sends those endorphins (aka: yippy beans) into a faraway land of happiness and indulgence.

My E-book is a Chocoholics dream come true and is not only for the health conscious. The sweet, decadent tastes throughout this book are enough to turn any sceptical friend or family member over to our conscious community; showing them you can limit your intake of sugar-laden, processed food whilst still feeling satisfied and content and not having to miss out on your favourite chocolate-y treats ever again.

Some of you will already know I don’t like the term “diet” but rather I emphasise the importance of a healthy lifestyle all year round. All the ingredients throughout this book have an abundance of nourishing vitamins, minerals and good fats and also do not contain chemicals, preservatives, refined sugars or dairy. Every mouthful is designed with your bods best interest at heart. Incorporate these recipe’s and slowly substitute over your favourite processed treats – you will soon learn to love the taste of natural sweeteners and your body will love you even more.

With my love for design, aesthetics and damn tasty food this book encompasses over 20 gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free mouth-watering recipes, along with beautiful professional photography. Yep, every chocolate lovers dream.

I hope you enjoy making these recipes just as much as I do.
All my love and thank you for purchasing, B. xx

This book includes:

20 + guilt free recipes
All recipes are: gluten free, refined sugar free and dairy free
Alternatives to your favourite treats
Stunning photography
Pantry staples
Cacao VS cocoa, what’s the difference?