Shot on location in Los Angeles, California.   Photography: David Higgts of Exclusive Artists Nathalie Sinkvist of Two Management Makeup: Nicole Schimel of Exclusive Artists Hair: Lauren Mckellar of Photogenics LA Clothing from Infinity Creative. BRANDS: Nana...

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Why Solo Travel Is Good For You

The thought of jet-setting on my own always sparked some sort of fireworks in me. I’m yet to figure out whether that’s courtesy of witnessing my family pack up their lives in big boxes to move abroad, or if the thank you is truly owed to Catriona Rowntree and the...

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Beauty With Brooke Hogan

We know how passionate you are about health and wellness. Has your approach to overall health had any impact on your skin? Absolutely! It wasn’t something that I realised straight away but I noticed the impact of health and wellness on my skin when I was on holidays a...

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