Stephanie Wearne

Day 8: Grilled Cos Salad

I find cos lettuce a very boring food but because it is so easy to grow I often left with an abundance of it. So when I was travelling earlier this year I came across a Spanish dish that served grilled cos lettuce as part of a vegetable platter and it was surprisingly...

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DAY 1 : Christmas Feast

Believe it or not, you actually feel great after a big Christmas Feast. Eating the right foods can eliminate the feeling we often get when overeating – you know the one? like you are pregnant with triplets and can’t survive the day without that afternoon...

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Macadamia Salmon

Packed with healthy fats from the omega-3 rich salmon, the macadamia nuts, the egg and the avocado in the salad this meal is quite energy dense so I pair the avocado with just a simple salad. A good point to remember with protein is that we only need a palm size...

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