Samantha Bowmer

Is Running the new meditation?

Running – love it or loathe it, it’s good for you and you know it. But aside from being a great cardio workout, it is actually a really great workout for your mental wellbeing. Running can give you the kind of clarity that no other exercise can, it can clear...

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When you think Barcelona, you think a beautiful bevy of sun kissed babes in bikinis on the beach, you think street markets, you think tapas and tiny wine bars, but what you get is so much more. The days are long with the sun beating down and the nights so vibrant with...

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A Weekend in Paris

The city of love, it truly is. The first time I visited I immediately fell in love with the architecture, the beautifully crafted buildings with pot plants on window sills filled with red flowers. Everything I had dreamt of as a child; the french girl in her striped...

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A Weekend In Berlin

Berlin is a unique city, for starters it’s covered in graffiti and home to a past rich in dark history. The grim areas are not hidden away from view, but rather act as a constant reminder and recognition of the events that the Capital of Germany holds within its...

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