Brooke Meredith

Berry Smoothie Bowl

There’s nothing like starting your morning right. Get your blender, and get ready to start your morning addiction with this delicious Berry Smoothie Bowl. Ingredients 1½ large frozen bananas, peeled ½ cup frozen blueberries 1 scoop of vanilla protein powder ¼...

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She’s the Australian-born supermodel who needs no introduction. One of the most highly regarded names in the fashion industry as well as a glowing representation of healthy living – she not only owns the title of wellness mama, she lives and breathes it, too. After...

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Buckwheat Choc-Cluster Granola

If you are a Granola lover then you will appreciate the crunch, texture and taste of my favourite Buckwheat breakfast. My love for Coco Pops will never go away, I will always remember the taste, the crackles and the sweet chocolate milk that’s left over when I used to...

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