Cult Biological beauty brand Grown Alchemist has joined the world of bricks and mortar, with their new flagship store opening last week in Faraday Street, Carlton. Unassumingly nestled in the Melbourne inner-city suburb, the Grown Alchemist Retail Lab offers its unique range of chic beauty products and unique treatment rooms synonymous of a ‘Cleanroom’– a signature and transformative environment of abundant natural light, glass and stainless steel.

Featuring an innovative air-purifying filtration system that removes skin-aging toxins; ensures your skin health is improved upon arrival before diving into their advanced therapies with each treatment offering a moment of respite, calm and relaxation.

Drawing inspiration from industrial laboratories, the Retail Lab is an inviting contrast of heritage architecture, raw and exposed brickwork and modernism. What was once an old Victorian cottage, the Grown Alchemist in-house design team along with the impeccable eye of Herbert & Mason Architecture created a luxurious, refreshing & heavenly space. Clearly a diamond in the rough, the team have maintained the brick structure and take note of the stainless steel, glass and lack of doors, the new Grown Alchemist store creates a ‘research lab feel’ only much more modern and playful. The duo has ensured the space has a pure feel, clearly reflecting the brand itself, “it’s a nice play between the old and the new” said Mujis.

the new Grown Alchemist store creates a ‘research lab feel’ only much more modern and playful


Grown Alchemist has established itself as innovators amongst peers and the go-to brand for fresh, rejuvenated, and effortlessly healthy skin. So it only makes sense that their retail lab reflects this.

You can check out the Grown Alchemist Retail Lab at 226 Faraday Street, Carlton

Opening Hours: Monday to Sunday, 10am to 6pm.




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