The fashion industry has come a long way in the sustainability game. With the growing concerns of climate change and social injustices that can often take place within the fashion industry, it has never been more important to highlight brands that are making a conscious decision to embrace and implement sustainable practises within their business models. But what does it really mean to be sustainable? To put it simply, sustainability can be put into three main categories: economic, environmental and social impact. It is the concept of ensuring the needs of the current generation are met all without compromising the needs of the future generation. So often brands can be focused on meeting the needs of their current consumers without realising the impact this may have on their future buyers. So how does this relate to the fashion industry? Sustainable fashion can take on many different forms and shapes. From choosing to incorporate pieces that are made from environmentally friendly materials to putting standards in place that ensure fashion label manufacturers are following ethical standards in their workplaces, each brand incorporates sustainable practises differently. Echoing one of A Conscious Collections core values, to be sustainable embraces the concept of being conscious and considered when making decisions. For consumers, it really comes down to our choices. We have the incredible power to bring change and to choose to support brands that encompass these values. While we’re not saying to throw out your entire wardrobe and start again (recycling and using what you already have in your wardrobe actually is practising sustainability), it’s encouraging to know that you do have a choice when making fashion purchases that can positively impact our environment. It can often be hard to narrow down what brands are supporting this sustainable shift so we’ve compiled a list of sustainable businesses that are making a difference.

sustainability can be put into three main categories: economic, environmental and social impact. It is the concept of ensuring the needs of the current generation are met all without compromising the needs of the future generations


Elka Collective is a Melbourne based fashion label, inspired by the desire to create effortless femine clothes. Their vision is to create clothing that is easy to wear, captures the relaxed Australian spirit and has a strong focus on luxurious natural fabrics and unique prints. Elka Collective are very transparent when it comes to their response to sustainable fashion. They have a code of conduct outlining what they expect from their suppliers, they choose natural fibres where possible and their pieces are made to a high standard to ensure they withstand the test of time. You can read more about their ethical responsibility here.

Le Specs is an iconic Australian sunglasses brand that so many of us love. Recently, Le Specs have created an all sustainable line, Le Sustain. Committed to maintaining and implementing sustainable practises where they can, the Le Sustain eyewear range is purely made from grass and every aspect of it’s packaging and production takes sustainability into consideration. Check out the range here.

Ahimsa Collective has literally based their name around the concept of sustainability. ‘Ahimsa’ means respect for all living things and avoidance of harm towards others. They create bags that are both environmentally and animal friendly. The brand also donates every $5 from each purchase to foundations that help reduce the impact of climate change and improve the health of the planet. To read more about what this beautiful brand is doing, see here.

Nash + Banks makes it easy with their one-to-shop for all sustainable brands.They have dedicated their platform to champion and promote authentic sustainable brands. The owners handpick brands that are truly practising sustainability and also donate portions of their profits to initiatives that empower women and the environment. Find your next sustainable purchase here.

While it may take some time, we truly believe that we can make a difference to our world simply by being conscious of where we are shopping and the brands we are supporting.To discover more brands that are incorporating sustainability into their work, please see below:












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