Growing up in rural Albury-Wodonga, with it’s dry land and rolling hills has meant the coast has always had a certain wonder and intrigue.

It’s alluring sense of calm and mystery was something my brothers and I only got to explore on family vacation. 

While for the lucky ‘coasties’ it was their life, for us, it was a once a year experience. And for our therapeutic hit of salty ocean air and washing machine swims, the Merediths would descend on the Gold Coast or for a wilder ride, the tumultuous seas of 90 Mile Beach down in Gippsland. Here, the visits to my grandfather were filled with wave-jumping, icy swims and sifting through seaweed-covered-shores in awe of what had been washed up by the high tide. 

This annual taster was never enough. So when I moved to Melbourne in my early 20’s, there was a fair chunk of excitement around being able to properly and regularly explore the rugged beauty of the Victorian Surf Coast. 

when I moved to Melbourne in my early 20’s, there was a fair chunk of excitement around being able to properly and regularly explore the rugged beauty of the Victorian Surf Coast.

My weekends were soon filled with coastal road trips. The car packed to the brim with surfboards, sand ready rugs and the obligatory picnic that could last us from sunrise to sunset. It became the weekend ritual, a sense of normality and one that was filled with so much joy and laughter.

From the famed Bells Beach in Torquay which is the spiritual home of our iconic ROXY to the shores of Ocean Grove where my parents now call home, I will always have a natural affinity for Victoria’s Surf Coast. And, as restrictions ease and borders open again I look forward to spending time with family and friends in this special place. 



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Photography: Melinda Cartmer.


Brooke Meredith

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