With our much-loved beauty salons – including the Crown Spas – having temporarily closed during this pandemic, many of us have been left wondering how we can keep maintaining ourselves when we’d normally rely on professional help. In particular, I’ve had a lot of clients reach out and ask how they can best take care of their eyebrows. While salons are now opening (thank the lord) and we can start penciling in our beauty treatments again, I’ve put pen to paper, and provided a quick guide to help manage your brows whilst at home in case your spa is full with backlogged brow appointments and  you can’t quite get your fix… just yet…

Before I begin, I cannot stress how important it is to invest in the right beauty tools and instruments to help aid in maintaining your brows.

  1. Investing in a quality pair of tweezers that will last and are precise is essential to success. Readily available online and also in pharmacies, buy a pair that will last and won’t compromise on precision.
  2. While no one relishes a close-up, a magnifying mirror makes eyebrow plucking an easier and more precise process. It allows for you to get a very detailed and clear look of your brows.

No matter the current state of your isolation eyebrows, you can get perfectly shaped brows to frame and complement your face shape. Even if you don’t know where to begin, here’s a few simple steps to follow to achieve at-home beauty success.

  1. First up, under pluck. It is incredibly easy to get carried away when plucking, so go slow and steady. Ensure you step back from the mirror once you’ve completed an area and reassess before proceeding.
  2. Do one brow first before moving on to the other. This approach creates a stencil to follow for the other brow.
  3. Don’t be afraid of scissors for trimming. One of the strangest things many people discover is how long an eyebrow can grow! Brush up with a comb and snip any hairs above the brow line.
  4. If you aren’t brave enough to try at home tinting, there are a range of brow gels and brow makeup available at most supermarkets and pharmacies that’ll give you a similar result. Always enhance your existing brow colour within one shade – don’t go for a dramatic colour change.

While most of us turn to the professionals for the perfect eyebrow, these hacks and hints will certainly help your eyebrows remain flawless until we can get back into the spa!

The deets:

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