Model and environmental advocate Elyse Knowles knows a thing or two when it comes to sustainable living. Having moved to the charming seaside town of Byron Bay to pursue a slower way of life, Elyse hasn’t been afraid to use her extensive social platform and position in the industry for the greater good. And on behalf of our beloved Mother Nature… we thank her.

As the message of clean living and creating a sustainable, healthy habitat for people and wildlife alike is increasingly highlighted around the globe, Earth Day gives us a chance to pause. It serves as a conscious reminder on just how important our planet is and how crucial our responsibility is to protect it from its current climate emergency status.

We chat to Elyse on all things sustainability below:


Like you, we believe Earth Day should be every day, with sustainable habits at the forefront of our minds. If you could give five tips on healthy habits to incorporate into day-to-day life to help protect the future of our globe… what would they be?

1. Grow as much as you can at home. If you have room for a veggie patch, some chickens (for eggs) or bees… go for it! What a wonderful way to nurture the soil you live on. If you’re unable to grow your own produce, I really do urge people to find their local farmers markets. Fresh produce grown organically. The taste is one hundred times better and you’ll be supporting your local community.

2. Ditch the plastics. I can’t stress this point more. Australia is at capacity when it comes to waste, so if it’s not going into the correct bins you have to ask yourself; where is it going? I can tell you … the ocean and landfill.

3. Travel around Australia. You don’t always need to get on a plane to explore and escape reality. There are beautiful, secret spots right on our doorstep just waiting to be discovered. The more local your travels, the better your carbon footprint. 

4. Save water! Australia is a big old dry desert. Cut down your shower time and minimise the time you leave your tap running.

5. Stay healthy, active and aware. If you’re in an energised and in a positive mind frame, you can create amazing change in this world. 



We’ve seen a vast improvement in the environment and habits of wildlife due to the response from restrictions during the Coronavirus pandemic. Do you think this will help people be more conscious moving forward after seeing first hand the direct impact our lifestyles were having on nature and its inhabitants throughout the world?

Absolutely! While the spread of Coronavirus has been devastating in countless ways, if we look for a silver-lining we’ll find the gift it’s given our planet. It’s very hard to ignore the dramatic changes we’ve seen in the clarity of our air. Beaches and rivers are glistening with crystal blue water. And as you mentioned, our native wildlife are enjoying a safer home. Mother Nature has proven to us all that by minimising the collective human footprint, our world can take a breath and re-set. The images published in the news of late have blown my mind!! It’s ignited the fire in my belly to keep advocating for positive change! We have ONE world. We have to treat it with absolute care.

Mother Nature has proven to us all that by minimising the collective human footprint, our world can take a breath and re-set

What does sustainability mean to you?

A big element of sustainability means education. We can’t expect people to change their ways unless we show them how and why it’s so imperative. It takes almost no effort to pass on tips and tricks to friends and family. We need to grow and share our knowledge so that we’re all in a better position to make change and sustain it. 

What are you learning from living this process of a more sustainable and environmentally conscious way of life? 

I know now that living a sustainable lifestyle is do-able. More than that, it’s easy! By making small tweaks to my usual routine over the last few years, I have made huge changes to the waste I create, the energy I use and the mind frame I live with each and every day. I know that it’s possible to dissolve the immense pressures we put on our planet earth. I know everyone is capable of contributing to a cleaner world. This positive, confident mind frame is a powerful thing.  

What’s on your agenda for this Earth Day? 

Easy! To spread awareness and remind everyone that together we can create a better world for our kids! Not only our kids, but their kids and the many generations to follow. How special is that? 

Any favourite brands that stand out to be environmentally conscious? 

  • Seed & Sprout Co. for many useful household/lifestyle items 
  • Aveda for beautifully conscious haircare 
  • Super Pits, Ere Perez, Eco Tan for beauty & tanning needs
  • Worlds Most Rubbish for an amazing (and growing), directory on all things sustainable! 

What advice do you have for people who want to do something for our planet but don’t know where to start? 

1. Pay attention to what you buy and where you buy it from. Trust me when I say, there is always a safer, cleaner & healthier alternative. It just takes a bit of research. That’s where social media is so fantastic! See what the people you follow are using. There are some great advocates out there for clean living/eating. Find them & follow.

2. Be organised! Keep some canvas bags in your car, a KeepCup, a smoothie jar. If they’re in reach, you’re far more likely to use them. When you do the washing up, leave a pile of this stuff by the door so you always remember to keep the car (or the bicycle basket), well-stocked!

3. Have the power to say, “no thank you.” Don’t be afraid to say no to packaging you don’t believe in. There are some wonderful brands out there who have started to offer their consumers a choice in terms of packaging options. When you find these brands choose wisely & stay loyal. The more we praise good deeds, the more others will follow suit! 

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