There’s something to be said for the moments of silence we so little get to experience. You know the ones I’m talking about though, right?

Those moments – where for usually only a few minutes – we allow ourselves time to tune in to both our body and mind. Where we grant ourselves permission to sit in solitude with our thoughts, uninterrupted by those everyday distractions which forever litter our lives.

Sadly, for many, even that can be a hard luxury to come by, be it due to our desire to climb the corporate ladder, the quality time we choose to spend with loved ones, or that dreaded list of errands which seemingly never ends.

But as every human on this Earth shifts their own health and wellness further down the priority list, one eco-friendly lifestyle retreat has been waving the flag, taking its rightful place as the timely reminder we so desperately need to hear:

That it’s okay to take a minute for yourself… Or perhaps, in this case at least a few days.


Gwinganna Lifestyle Retreat is a true embodiment of all that it promises; a wondrous eco-friendly escape sheltered from the Gold Coast’s hustle and bustle. But most importantly, it’s a safe haven for those eager to welcome some balance back into their lives.

The added bonus, you ask? Well, it’s only a mere 15-minute drive from the thriving hub that is Burleigh – and it still hand delivers you all the glory synonymous with the coast, just from a more different, truly stunning perspective.

Nestled amongst the exquisite Tallebudgera Valley, 200 hectares of lush hinterland act as the perfect host to some remarkable sights – sprawling coastline and rainforest views – to make it all the more easier to enjoy some serious ‘me time’.



Their philosophy is an admirable one, simple too: disconnect in a bid to reconnect. In a world inundated with busy, the holistic health and wellness professionals encourage attendees to relish in the opportunity switch off, and hopefully, do away with some hazardous lifestyle habits.

Their philosophy is an admirable one, simple too: disconnect in a bid to reconnect. In a world inundated with busy, the holistic health and wellness professionals encourage attendees to relish in the opportunity switch off, and hopefully, do away with some hazardous lifestyle habits.

Since 2006, guests have inundated the hinterland escape in a desperate bid to experience its various retreat packages, which run from anywhere between two to seven days – and are designed to cater to your own specific needs.

Options to spoil your soul are endless, with packages and programs carefully designed to ensure optimum grounding time.

While mornings are often filled with picturesque morning walks, mindfulness practices or wellness seminars led by a team of holistic experts, afternoons allow guests a chance to enjoy the retreat’s spoilings. And understandably so, its Spa Sanctuary seems to be the perfect place to do just that.

With 33 rooms, a native spa garden, crystal steam room and a smattering of holistic therapies – massage, acupuncture, mediation and naturopathy – to choose from, it’s clear to see why wellness advocates worldwide adore the award-winning establishment.


However, the certified ecotourism hotspot doesn’t only focus on the external remedies to physical and mental wellness, instead opting to emphasise the importance of a nutrient-dense diet through a menu that’s both equal parts healthy as it is delicious.

The nutritionist designed offerings centre on nourishing wholefoods; predominately seasonal, local and organic ingredients, with much of the produce harvested daily from the retreat’s very own onsite garden or from around the region.

Typically, each meal is free of gluten and dairy, ensuring guests receive as much internal wellness support to aid and improve digestion liver detoxification, inflammation, gut bacteria and blood sugar levels. Basically, the most crucial organs required for a healthy mind and body.



Perhaps the team’s profound dedication is what make this hinterland escape stand apart from the rest; no belief system forced upon you, no environment to render you intimidated, or even a requirement to participate.

Instead, the mantra falls nothing short of inspiring. It’s about awakening the desire to do better by yourself; to remember that both you and I are worthy of self-care, everyday.


So whether you’re in need of a serious reboot – either physically or mentally – or simply require a minor refresh to remember what matters most, Gwinganna’s low-tech environment may be the exact motivation you need to toe the line between guilty pleasures, and of course, some healthy boundaries.

After all, life’s about balance, right?

To check out more of Gwinganna’s offering and to book some time for you. Click here



Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn’s an avid traveller & foodie, who when not off spontaneously discovering new parts of the world, is often busy with her nose buried in books & eyes glued to documentaries. Having a passion for writing since she was a teen, Kaitlyn dabbled in other industries, but truly found her voice, confidence & creativity when she was living in NYC & LA. She’s a health & wellness lover who credits her sanity & day-to-day functioning to her daily exercise routine. She’s a believer in a balanced life so, when she’s not sweating it out, she can usually be found cooped up in her favourite cafe with her best girlfriends, turmeric latte in hand & a smile from ear to ear.

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