In a day and age where pleasure-seeking comes with ease – typically at the touch of a button – our society has, without doubt, grown accustom to their every demand being catered to. Be it the food we desire delivered to our door, or the latest on-demand movies streamed straight into our living rooms.

That’s right! No longer do we see generations subjected to the restraints of business hours to fulfil their desire to excessively consume, instead we bear witness to the readily accessible services and products that seemingly make our lives much more pleasurable – and we seriously dig it.

In many ways, we’re a fortunate bunch. Heck, some (*cough* boomers) would even go as far to claim our generation is grossly spoilt in both monetary value and in variety of choice. And in many cases, they may even be right.

But isn’t that what life is about these days? Enjoying the things that bring us happiness? Indulging in the things that we crave? No more does the “live to work” attitude rule our lives. Instead? We want happiness, balance, pleasure.


And yes, while today’s millennials can sometimes preach an unattainable 24/7 “treat yourself” attitude, there’s always a shining example of it being done right. Namely, one sweet treat brand opting for a more literal, and realistic, definition – but in a much healthier manner.

Meet Shelby’s, an up-and-coming Melbourne health brand, and a true embodiment of indulgent and healthy snacks that one can find. But, what makes them so damn good? Well, their slightly addictive array of goodies for one!

What more, though? Admirably, the goddesses at Shelby’s have fashioned not only the ultimate sweet tooth solutions – but also a movement – one that’s as equal parts wholesome as it is enjoyable.


And that movement I just mentioned? Well, it’s been affectionately coined “healthy hedonism”, a newly-inspired mantra set to have you celebrating in lieu of regretting. It’s about relishing in the good stuff, and devouring delicious flavours that are as good, if not better, then the “bad”.

And that movement I just mentioned? Well, it’s been affectionately coined “healthy hedonism”, a newly-inspired mantra set to have you celebrating in lieu of regretting. It’s about relishing in the good stuff, and devouring delicious flavours that are as good, if not better, then the “bad”.

So if like me, you lose all self-control when it comes to snack time, then knowing that your moment of weakness comes without all the usual naughty ingredients and dreaded “post-snack guilt” will be enough reason to have you hooked.

The goodies consist entirely of clean ingredients, purposefully designed to deliver a sensory experience that positively impacts the body and mind, bringing with it a new kind of pleasure; one that’s sustainable – and one we can whole-heartedly get behind.

Though many are quick write-off healthier snacks in favour of the confectionary lining our supermarket shelves, Shelby’s is one competitor likely to capture your attention – firstly, through exquisite branding – then your tastebuds, thanks to their palette-pleasing bites.


It’s artfully poignant, the branding. Though simple, it’s hugely impactful, elegant, and notably, shies away from those aggressive drawcards synonymous with product packaging. Instead, theirs reflects everything the physical product represents; a decadent melding of clean, uncomplicated components.

Boasting an array of already popular goodies – their original nut-based bars, their moist nut butter bars (PB, coconut and lemon slice being my personal fave), dipped and dusted almonds with a variety of sweet coatings, and more, their latest release that promises to spoil your soul.

But how could they top it? Well, the release of their brand new, uber-crumbly, downright delicious cookies should do the trick.

Yep, your afternoon snack just became a whole lot more mouth-watering! Do away with the usual sugar-laden bickies that accompany your 3pm cuppa and treat yourself to one of their pleasure-inducing, and admittedly much healthier, cookies.

It’s chunky choccy bits galore, with the crave-worthy flavours opting for a modern interpretation of classic combinations; a delightful chocolate chip, double choc hazelnut, and what’s sure to be another favourite of mine, raspberry and white chocolate.


As important as it was to offer attractive flavours and high-quality taste, Shelby’s also identified an emerging gap in the market – that being dietary-friendly snacks – where taste wasn’t sacrificed in the name of clean ingredients. Thankfully, these cookies embrace both.

Boasting recipes that serve as vegan, low GI, gluten free, refined sugar free, each of the cookies also only contain less than 80 calories per serve. Impressive when compared to the roughly 130 calories per serve associated with some well-known biscuit and cookie brands.

So next time you find yourself heading for the lolly aisle or aimlessly picking up a block of chocolate, keep in mind that only a few aisles over sits Shelby’s, beautifully appealing in a number of ways. And importantly, a snack that’ll leave your rejoicing in its sweet taste, wholesome ingredients, and an even healthier afterthought.

To check out more of Shelby’s range. Click here.



Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn’s an avid traveller & foodie, who when not off spontaneously discovering new parts of the world, is often busy with her nose buried in books & eyes glued to documentaries. Having a passion for writing since she was a teen, Kaitlyn dabbled in other industries, but truly found her voice, confidence & creativity when she was living in NYC & LA. She’s a health & wellness lover who credits her sanity & day-to-day functioning to her daily exercise routine. She’s a believer in a balanced life so, when she’s not sweating it out, she can usually be found cooped up in her favourite cafe with her best girlfriends, turmeric latte in hand & a smile from ear to ear.