Summer holidays can be a whirlwind of fun times with friends and family, and with most of us travelling during this time it might seem like hitting the gym is the last thing on your mind, right? Right. But here’s a workout you can do anywhere, at any time. So grab your suitcase, load it up for a bit of extra weight to burn those calories, and let’s go!

Brought to you by Tiffiny Hall founder of online health and fitness program TIFFXO

  1. Sit-up Hold Scissor Kicks x 30 reps

Equipment: Suitcase

Hold the suitcase above your head with your arms and legs straight (don’t make it too heavy). Engage your core by drawing your belly button in towards your spine and gently lift your head off the floor, but keeping your neck relaxed. Now lift your legs up off the ground and swiftly kick your feet up and down like your swimming. Ensure your back is pressed flat into the ground.

  1. Alternating Cross-Body Mountain Climbers x 20

Equipment: Suitcase

Let’s get that heart rate up and put our biceps, abs, quads and glutes to work. Place your suitcase flat on the ground (make sure it’s zipped!) and place your hands on either side of the suitcase beginning in the push-up position. Now, with your core engaged, bring your right knee in towards your left elbow. Return to the start position and then bring your left knee towards your right elbow. Do it as quickly as you can as if you’re running.

  1. Ab Rollouts x 15

Equipment: Suitcase

Don’t forget to pack your abs! Start with your suitcase upright so the wheels are on the ground and the handle is extended. Position yourself in a full kneeling position with your knees about hip-width apart and your hands holding the base of the handle. Now slowly lower and extend your body by pushing the suitcase forward and use your core for stability – don’t let your torso touch the ground. Go as far as your body allows then engage your lower abs and squeeze your glutes to pull you back to kneeling position. Make sure your suitcase is at least partly packed for greater stability.

  1. Single-Leg Hamstring Rollouts to Bulgarian Squats x 20

Equipment: Suitcase

This move will take your lower body to the next level. With your your suitcase upright and behind you and facing forward, rest your right foot on top. Now step your left foot forward so you’re in the lunge position – ensure your core is engaged, your torso is upright and your left foot is about half a metre in front. Now lower yourself until your front thigh is almost horizontal to the floor, keeping your knee in line with your foot. Then drive up through your right heel to the starting position and repeat.

  1. Single Arm Rows x 20 alternating

Equipment: Suitcase

Let’s sculpt our backs for summer. Hold your suitcase horizontally with your right hand like you would a dumbbell. Now bend at the hips and slightly bend your knees. Keep your back straight and let your hands hang straight in front. Now pull the suitcase towards your hip, driving your elbow back as you bend your arm – squeeze your shoulder blades together. Lower and repeat.

  1. Elevated Single Leg Glute Bridge x 20

Equipment: Suitcase

Let’s work that booty! Place your suitcase flat on the ground and ensure it’s zipped. Now lie on the floor and place both feet flat on the suitcase so your knees are bent. Raise your left leg off the suitcase so it’s straight in the air and flex your foot. Now squeeze your glutes and lift your hips up into the air, driving with your left foot. Keep your chin tucked into your chest and keep your core engaged. Lower your glutes back down and repeat.




Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall is a mother, author, expert trainer and television personality, as well as being one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor, qualified personal trainer with a Diploma of Sport Coaching, specialising in martial arts. Tiff is passionate about creative writing and has published four novels with her next Young Adult novel set for release in 2018. She has written four health books and a cookbook.