Collective wellness is the concept that we are intrinsically connected to one another and rely on nature to sustain us. We need not be losing hope, living in denial or feeling perpetually overwhelmed by climate change but looking at our own efforts to be sustainable is essential. You play an important part in ensuring we minimise our impact on the fragile ecosystem that sustains life and allows us to thrive with the wellness we all long for.

The invitation is to use your awareness to guide your behaviour intentionally, start small and hold the vision that humans can improve and make a difference together. The climate crisis is on such a large scale that it requires humans to organise and work together for the common goodness. Collective wellness is a social and environmental responsibility that is beyond any one person’s control. This responsibility involves living cleanly and minimally and with the sustainability of nature at the centre of all our decisions and daily lives.


Orient your centre of gravity toward nature rather than an idea of individual “self.” What I discovered when I started doing this is you connect to a bigger mind and rather than playing small and thinking from ego. Spending this time in close relationship with nature I realise how so much of city life is not closely connected to the truth that I was part of this wondrous ecosystem and that the land is our true home.

Collective Wellness Tips To Start Today

Despite the enormity of what needs to be done to combat climate change small steps make a difference and you can reduce your impact daily. It’s good to remember we are not aiming for perfection but rather a gradual change that can be achieved daily.

Reduce Plastic Waste

When our family focussed on reducing plastic we discovered that tracking our waste taught us a lot about our daily usage and helped us make wiser choices. Big impact items included carrying around small fabric tied up bags for shopping, purchasing fruit and vegetables that are not wrapped in plastics, composting fresh food scraps for the garden, and packing plastic-free food for lunches.

Eat Fresh

When it comes to food I am self-confessed foodie, I just love eating but I do so consciously and with nature in mind. What this means is shopping locally for food, buying what’s in season, supporting our farmers when you can and keeping food simple.

Clean Beauty

Clean beauty is often overlooked but you can make sure that your products are not tested on animals, don’t contain chemical cocktails and processed in ways that ensures they are not changed too much from their original state. Be mindful to use minimist amounts, what run off goes down the sink and into our oceans and the impact that has on the environment and ocean life.

Value Your Belongings

Protecting your peace and maintaining an environment that reflects your inner world of wellness begins when you start to really value the material things you own. This means appreciating all the item that you share your spaces with. Each item you have in your home or workspace should bring you a sense of joy and have some kind of intrinsic meaning otherwise it is just taking up space.

The most important thing to remember is provided you’re on the pathway of being sustainable, seeking to grow and improve, that is good enough because remember every little bit counts.




Marion Miller

Marion is passionate about empowering leadership, social change and sustainability. She believes with the right skills and support you can craft an authentic life and career pathway that is fulfilling and meaningful. She has over 15 years experience coaching professionals across different industries including health, education, technology, law, retail, fashion and the arts. She's helped workplaces become more socially aware, mindful and successful. Drawing from an extraordinary career and professional training, Marion has developed and designed effective coaching programs combining eastern and western approaches. When Marion is not working she enjoys gardening, painting, yoga, sailing and spending time with her family at the beach.