Sydney is one of the fittest cities in the world, and with coastal walks, beach runs and nature reserves around every bend, it’s easy to see why. If there’s one thing that trumps the array of outdoor spots to get your body moving, it’s the gorgeous workout spaces scattered across the city. Gone are the days of mindless aerobics, dull spin classes and fluoro lycra. We’ve officially entered an era of lush wellness spaces that seem more like modern-day spas than traditional sweat-filled gyms. But, don’t be fooled, while these gyms are more luxe than those that came before them, they certainly don’t lack the burn-factor we’re all after.

Welcome to Sydney’s most beautiful studios to immerse yourself in, move your body, pump those endorphins and clear your mind.


  1. Paramount Recreation Club

Set on one of the most glorious rooftops in Sydney, Paramount Recreation Club brings together physical, mental and social health to provide a well-rounded approach to modern living. The club embraces building and sky to create layers of shade, breeze, and movement, with just a hint of escapism. Essentially, it’s a place in the city to escape from the city. With a focus on functional fitness, the class timetable includes yoga, Pilates, barre, Olympic lifting, boxing, skipping and the infamous Paramount workout. To complement its extensive fitness program, the club offers an integrated health service with physiotherapists, masseuses, and dieticians.



Our class pick: The Paramount workout is a 60-minute class that combines a high-intensity workout with a 10-minute, core-focused cool-down, elegantly integrating Pilates and yoga moves.


  1. The Shelter

Nestled in Sydney’s Double Bay, Shelter is a uniquely Australian wellness centre blurring the lines between spa and gym. Hot and cold, light and dark, Shelter is a space that resonates with the senses. The space utilises a minimal colour palette to enhance the semi-industrial warehouse and terrace space its located in. The award-winning centre is home to purpose-built spin, boxing and conditioning areas. Once you’re done with your workout, relax, refresh and detoxify with infrared saunas, traditional saunas and the first-ever freshwater ice bath in Australia.




Our class pick: Punch & Pedal is a high-intensity interval workout that includes a split between bike & aqua punching bags. This 45-minute high-intensity workout is a full-body transformation.


  1. The Well

Well, well, well, look what we have here. If you think The Well is just another gym in Bondi, you have another thing coming. The Well is a wellness hub that offers a welcomed break from beach runners and touristy shops. The space uses an unusual curved design with a glass ceiling that overlooks beautiful Bondi beach, to help you connect with how you feel inside, in your body, in your mind, and your heart. Step inside and you’ll be welcomed to an elegant café that puts vegetables at the front and centre (oh, and delicious coffee, too). There is a range of therapists available, including, a masseuse, chiropractor, exercise physiologist, dietician and more. But, once you get upstairs, it’s time to burn. With a plethora of classes to choose from, you’ll always be kept on your toes.


Our class pick: Bands, Butts + Balls is a group session that combines resistance training and cardio that targets glutes, arms and abs.


  1. Selph

Are you ready to embrace your inner Selph? Selph, located near the Cannery in Roseberry, offers a sacred space for people to check out of the external world, and check into their bodies and minds. Selph has transformed a 105-year-old warehouse into a health hub, finished with polished concrete floors, curved walls and ambient lighting. It may, quite literally, take your breath away. Their boutique studio uses a multidisciplinary approach, housing acupuncturists, physiotherapists, a nutritionist, and a remedial massage therapist, to care for each client holistically. Their class structures are formulated around a seven-day balance of workout and wind down. A strong meditation element exists across all classes, to help open the mind to work towards the attainment of overall health and wellbeing.



Our class pick: Vinyasa & Yin is the ultimate balance of movement and stillness, with 30 minutes of vinyasa and 30 minutes of deep yin.


  1. BodyLove Pilates

Among the beautiful spaces in Woollahra, this pink space screams (read: soothly whispers), wellness. The BodyLove Pilates studio is an architecturally designed studio that’s naturally lit, with arches and artwork, to bring you into a meditative state as soon as you enter the premises. The goal? A mindful burn. Workouts are designed to test physical stamina and endurance, but also keep the mind-body connection, for maximum results. BodyLove Pilates is a wellness studio reimagined, and includes a range of classes suitable for everyone, including reformer and mat Pilates, yoga, barre, and prenatal classes. If you’re ready to feel energised, connected and in control of your body through consistent high-level teaching, you’ve come to the right place.



Our class pick: Total Bodylove is an open level reformer class that uses intermediate and advanced yoga techniques. There’s also BYO Baby Reformer for all mama’s which focuses on strengthening and stabilising the core, spine, and pelvis. Babies can be kept in a carrier, bassinet or car seat.


  1. One Hot Yoga

One Hot Yoga is a world-class wellness centre dedicated to mindful movement, honouring ancient practices by complementing them with a contemporary lifestyle. Everything from the modern design and advanced heating system, to the signature scent and rain showers, has been meticulously considered. The environment blends seamlessly with the practice ritual – from the moment you walk into the studio, to the second you float out, every element contributes to the experience. One Hot Yoga is a sacred space that combines yoga and Pilates in a respectful, welcoming and beautiful way. Their vision is nothing short of world peace; one guided movement class at a time.



Our class pick: Power Flow uses a 27C heated room to build heat internally. It’s a contemporary, fitness-based style yoga class that’s accessible to all levels.

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  1. Humming Puppy

Whether you’re an expert yogi or a total newbie, you’ll know that classes typically begin or end with a chant or hum. Well, at Humming Puppy, the space hums. Leaving the everyday world behind, Humming Puppy’s yoga experience perfectly weaves traditional practices into the modern world. Every detail, including the stunning interiors, prepares yogis physically and mentally for practice. Students are encouraged to pack light as the studio provides it all: the mat, the necessary post-yoga coconut water, and even lush bathroom facilities. The yoga space, or ‘shala’, has been engineered by one of the world’s leading acoustic engineers to inject a combination of frequencies to enhance and deepen the yoga practice. Once you enter the studio, you’ll quickly drop in and leave the world behind, enabling you to immerse yourself fully in each class.


Our class pick: Mellow Hum is a relaxed class that includes deep opening and gentle movement. It’s a slow-paced class that allows for space and time to cultivate awareness.


  1. Barre Body

Barre Body offers the perfect suite of classes for everybody. Set in Sydney’s CBD (with plenty of other studios scattered around town), this studio is spectacular. Grand and elegant with floor-to-ceiling windows and art deco features, it’s a wonderful place to embrace your inner-Centre Stage. Choose from a range of barre, yoga, power Pilates, dance cardio and stretch classes to customise the perfect program for you. Delivered by a team of world-class teachers, Barre Body is sure to help you transform, tone and love your body.


Our class pick: Barre, obviously. The ballet barre conditioning classes blend the poise of Pilates with the flowing sequence of yoga, making this class pretty, pacey and powerful.





Toni Gam

Toni is a dog-lover, foodie, writer, book-worm and yogi - in that order. As a holistic and clinical nutritionist, Toni does more than preach green smoothies and kale. She encourages others to make health and wellbeing practical and digestible. Toni believes living consciously is not just the food on your plate, but the way we interact with our environment, our relationships and ourselves.