They say home is where the heart is. If that’s the case, your scattered, messy and chaotic house isn’t doing your heart or mind any favours. The same goes for the firm couch with perfectly arranged pillows that you don’t let anyone sit on.

So, it’s time to pose the question: what does your home say about you? And, what do you want it to say about you?

While you don’t need to master the art of Feng Shui in a day, there are plenty of simple ways to Zen-out your home to help you feel grounded, calm and relaxed.

Colours are a powerful communicative tool that can convey a message and impact mood. While white can indicate freshness and purity, yellow is excitable and vibrant. Earthy colours such as grey and tan are classic minimalist hues that are simple, yet elegant.

One way to boost colour in an otherwise neutral room is through greenery. Not only are natural materials pleasing to the eye, they can also clear the air and optimise wellbeing by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide. Pot plants, native flowers perched on tables and hanging greenery can add a subtle green touch to any room.

To make a room cosy and comfortable, invest in good-quality pieces that last; a couch you’ll dream of lying on when you get home at the end of the day. Items that are too hard and perfect can actually cause eye fatigue and reduce comfort. Our favourite? The Long Beach Corner Sofa from Loungelovers – it’s got loads of curves and textures that make it comfortable, soft and feminine, transforming your lounge to cosy with class.

Not only are natural materials pleasing to the eye, they can also clear the air and optimise wellbeing by releasing oxygen and absorbing carbon dioxide

Your home should tell the story of you. Having your own little nook filled with items that bring you joy are exactly what you want here. Don’t underestimate the power of sentimental pieces, whether that’s photos of loved ones, your favourite art pieces, cookbooks, or family heirlooms. Place them around the home to add a touch of you.

Clutter is a visual distraction that can increase stress. If that’s not convincing enough, more clutter = more cleaning. Nobody wants that. A living room with only essential pieces of furniture, such as a couch, coffee table, a piece of artwork and plants will reduce your visual clutter and stress. The same applies to removing the clutter from your floors, surfaces and walls. Yes, this is my permission for you to unleash your inner-Marie Kondo and go minimalist on your home!

Your home, particularly your living area, is the place you want to flop at the end of the day. It should be your haven; the space that allows you to feel open, at ease and comfortable. Remember, don’t overdo it – keep things as minimalist, classy and uplifting as possible.

Here is a dose of inspiration from our studio to get you started.







  1. NETTLETON surfboard, $1,650 | 2. INARTISAN tree stump stool, $199 | 3. LOUNGELOVERS corner sofa, $2,999 | 4. TEMPLE & WEBSTER wall art $45.05 | 5. ADAIRS artificial flowers $13.99 | 6. ADAIRS vase $34.99 | 7. INARTISAN coffee table, $490 | 8. IKEA rug $169 | 9. INARTISAN chair $690 | 10. ADAIRS artifical plant, $62.99




Toni Gam

Toni is a dog-lover, foodie, writer, book-worm and yogi - in that order. As a holistic and clinical nutritionist, Toni does more than preach green smoothies and kale. She encourages others to make health and wellbeing practical and digestible. Toni believes living consciously is not just the food on your plate, but the way we interact with our environment, our relationships and ourselves.