Dedicated to preserving your luminous glow? Whether a religious cosmetic user or a minimalist who favours the ‘less is more’ approach, it remains evident that the appearance of one’s skin has now – more than ever before – become paramount for both men and women worldwide.

Thankfully, with a wealth of knowledge at our disposal and an increasing number of products harnessing the sheer power of natural ingredients, more conscious-minded individuals are waking up to the beneficial components – and toxic nasties – present in some of their favourite products.

Yep, that’s right. That brand of blush that graces your face every day could be loaded with a bunch of skin-harming additions. Ones that are, sadly, key contributors to those relentless blemishes, and in turn, hindering your skin’s ability to achieve its most optimum glow.


From jojoba extracts to vitamin A, the uprise in awareness of botanical benefits has since welcomed a reinvigorated, and very necessary, era in the once toxic-ridden beauty world.

Hallelujah! No more are the days of skin suffering the harsh realities of poorly manufactured blends, because mineral makeup – or the affectionally coined ‘botanical beauty’ – has once again taken its rightful place as leader in the global beauty landscape.

But how? Well, we can thank Jane Iredale and her exquisite label’s collection of skin-loving cosmetics for that. jane iredale – The Skincare Makeup.

Through an enduring crusade to see more effective and ethical products fill the shelves of cabinets worldwide,  Jane’s high performance, clean and cruelty-free collection has since spent the last 25 years unmasking its paraben-littered competitors – and most importantly, educating consumers in the process.


Crafted specifically to nourish, protect and care for the overall function of our skin, the label’s ground-breaking formulas unite two crucial qualities: unrivalled expert coverage and a wholehearted promise to improve the quality of our largest organ.

Crafted specifically to nourish, protect and care for the overall function of our skin, the label’s ground-breaking formulas unite two crucial qualities: unrivalled expert coverage and a wholehearted promise to improve the quality of our largest organ.

So if in seek of a shade more accurate to your skin tone or a flawless wear that’ll leave you radiating like the goddess you are, the PETA-approved label’s Beyond Matte Liquid Foundation may be – nay, WILL BE – the ultimate solution for you.

Serving as a 3-in-1 primer, concealer and foundation, the functionality of the new formula combines a light-weight and long-stage coverage that never leaves you bare; the elimination of that ever-pesky shine; and a remarkable ability to transform from a sheer coverage to a fuller photo-ready finish – making the transition from ‘office appropriate’ to ‘out with the girls’ as seamless as can be.

Serving up a hugely potent dose of hand-selected vitamins and minerals, the self-adjusting 18-shade range – housed in one adorable recyclable glass bottle – reaffirms the age-old belief: that makeup should most definitely be viewed as an extension of one’s skincare routine.

Basically, every ingredient present should offer some skin-boosting benefits and most importantly, work in unison with our AM and PM skincare regimes to complement, not counteract.

But what’s more commendable about this bottled beauty? Well, for those suffering from a compromised skin barrier it’s a very significant one: its ability to maintain skin integrity.

Beyond Matte simply isn’t interested in altering the delicate ecosystem of bacteria or masking your perceived flaws, only enhancing the beauty you’re born with. And the benefits – less congestion, less irritation and more skin-loving nutrients – really do speak for themselves.

While the utter sincerity of their customer care reverberates so loudly in an often-thoughtless industry, Jane Iredale’s dedication to sustaining such a socially-woke brand also extends much further than we might think, with the CICC’s Leaping Bunny and PETA even recognising the label’s efforts.

Every move – be it in manufacturing or marketing – is done so to inspire an inherent change within us all. A change that, without doubt, proves to both you and I that it’s never actually too late to start caring for where you live.

So just as you would opt for produce that betters your health, it’s now time to do the same for your skin. Look at your labels and learn your ingredients! After all, your body really is the most important home you have.


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