By Helen Jacobs

Our intuition is like a divine GPS, helping us navigate our path as we discover our true self. Our intuition knows where we’re going, even if logically we don’t. Following our intuition guarantees we will turn up in the situations meant for us, that will help us learn and teach what we came here to experience. Living more intuitively ultimately allows us to live the life we were born to live.

Here are four ways we can discover our true self and purpose by following our intuition:

1.Discover your gifts.
I would never have left my job as a publicist if it wasn’t for my intuition. When we follow our inner nudges and wisdom, we soon discover gifts and talents we might not have otherwise found. Follow the things that light you up; they’re there for a reason.

2. We’re exactly where we’re meant to be.
Trusting our intuition will lead us into the right situations to learn, grow and expand means we are always where we’re meant to be, even if it doesn’t make much logical sense, or even if we’re not particularly enjoying it! Trusting our guidance has led us into these classrooms to prepare us for what’s next means we are always becoming who we’re meant to be for the next step along our life path. Each step always leads to the next, even if we can’t see that yet.

3. It’ll only make us stronger.
Part of our intuition’s role is to ensure we learn deep lessons in our lives, that often become the catalyst for our purpose. We end up teaching what we’ve learned and experienced ourselves. Our intuition will stretch us into becoming who we’re meant to become, but only if we listen.

4. Offer what you have to offer.
We often think of purpose as our career or some grande gesture of our life’s work, but often it’s as simple as offering what’s on our hearts in any given moment. When we connect with our intuition, we’re automatically centred and present in each moment, meaning we can offer whatever we have to offer in the present. When all these moments add up, we begin to see a very different life path begin to emerge.

While our intuition can certainly help us make big life decisions in moments of crisis, its real value becomes clear when we follow it in each and every moment. Making each step in our life, intuitively, means we can never be off path, but deep in the lessons and purpose, as we discover what’s within us and ready to share with the world in each and every moment.

You Already Know by Helen Jacobs. Murdoch Books RRP $32.99. 



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