Sustainable fashion is the movement that has turned into a lifestyle thanks to the changing landscape of consumer habits. No longer are fast fashion giants celebrated for their next-day trends and weekly turnaround of styles. Instead, shoppers are celebrating conscious labels that prioritise the planet without sacrificing on performance and style.

Niche Australian fashion labels have been at the forefront of the world’s eco-industry for a while now and the latest brand to join the movement is the beloved P.E Nation. Their activewear is coveted the world over for perfecting the balance between performance and nostalgic street-style and now you can feel just as good about investing in the brand as you do when you’re wearing the comfortable and intuitive designs.

Launching on August 20th, P.E Nation have delivered us with their first recycled athleisure range, The Strike Set. Made from sustainable techno-fabric ‘Vita Power by Carvico’, the range is powered by innovation with the ability to increase recovery power through compression while still being soft, breathable and synergistic with our modern lifestyles.

‘Vita Power by Carvico’ is made from ECONYLⓇ regenerated Nylon, a material that is produced from rescued waste such as fishing nets and fabric scraps that are regenerated into a high-quality and infinitely recyclable textile.

P.E Nation Co-Founder, Claire Tregoning, shared that Sydney’s famous coastline was a large part of the inspiration behind the new direction of the label.

“With the brand born in Sydney, we have always been inspired our beautiful coastal landscape and inherently Australian active, outdoors way of life. That in itself is something we should all be doing our bit to protect; so that future generations can witness the beauty that we have had the privilege of enjoying,” says Claire.

“Sustainability has been and will continue to be an ongoing journey for us, constantly fuelled by learnings. It’s the future of our planet and an issue that we simply can’t afford to ignore.”

This new collection may be the brand’s first foray into sustainability but it’s just the start of the road. The brand has simultaneously launched The Conscious Nation, that seeks to educate consumers and raise awareness, offer transparency around the brand’s commitment to sustainability as well as their implementation of meaningful business practices.

“Sustainability has been and will continue to be an ongoing journey for us, constantly fuelled by learnings. It’s the future of our planet and an issue that we simply can’t afford to ignore.”

“Our goal is to implement social and environmental practices across the whole business to ensure that we are delivering conscious fashion from the supply chain directly to the customer. We are wholeheartedly committed to improvement in this area, and to continue evolving with the more we learn,” says Claire.

The ethos of the Conscious Nation will be woven throughout the entire brand from the products we see in our wardrobes through to packaging and every step of production. By the end of 2019, we can expect to see all of P.E Nation’s packaging transitioned to 100% recyclable materials.

P.E Nation’s sustainable future is a part of the growing wave of Australian businesses who are turning toward eco-friendly initiatives. While more and more brands are doing their bit for our planet, it’s up to us as consumers to support the businesses that share this planet-first approach.

“Brands notice where you’re putting your money. We have already seen an incredible amount of support for our first recycled athleisure set, and that is so encouraging!” shares Claire.

“We can’t wait to continue on this journey with our customers. We mean it when we say that as a brand, we are deeply committed to our people and the planet.”

You can shop P.E Nation’s Strike Set range on their website here.



Jessica Frost

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