Let me pose to you this question. When on the lookout for a new product, what makes one particular brand worthy of your hard-earned dollars? Perhaps it’s the standard of quality? The reassurance of a lifetime guarantee? Or maybe you’re more intent on finding one that’s suited to your monthly budget?

While those are, without doubt, justified considerations, there’s now another crucial question seemingly etched into the minds of more consumers than ever before: ‘How ethically responsible is the brand I’m about to support?’

Thanks to a significant shift, both globally and locally, the uprise in socially-responsible behaviours have redefined what it means to develop and sustain a longstanding business, propelling far beyond merely providing manufactured goods – instead, relying just as heavily on moral output.

These days consumers, particularly the ever-conscious millennials, are taking a no-holds-barred approach; demanding only the best of integrities from the companies they wear, use or support in return for their brand loyalty. And it’s a shift in the paradigm that we can’t help but adore.

But long before the very necessary movement garnered any real traction, there’s been one inspirational stalwart – for over 25 years, to be exact – leading the ethical crusade within the cosmeceutical industry: jane iredale.

Birthed in the quest to overhaul both quality and sustainability of cosmetics, the mineral-based brand has since proven just how much power ethical behaviours truly hold; be it their impressive ability to resonate with conscious consumers, or the cultivation of an enduring legacy.

As the brainchild of company founder and namesake, Jane Iredale, the brand’s evolution came to be after her own foray into the entertainment industry, more specifically, after witnessing the skin of countless models and actors suffer so tragically at the hands of poor-quality cosmetics.

While bettering the skin, and in turn, the lives of those who use her products was pivotal, so too was the ground-breaking ethical approach the brand embodied. Both admirable and effective in its method, jane iredale – even during their early formative years – proved to be light years ahead of their industry counterparts.

Why? Because they care so implicitly about all that they do and represent. The health of humankind, our ever so precarious environment, and even more so, shining a light on the cruel reality of animal testing are at the total forefront of everything the cosmetics guru stands for.

Recognised as a 100% cruelty-free brand, their array of non-comedogenic formulas, including heavy-duty concealers, vibrant eyeshadows, exquisite mineral powders and SPF-loaded foundations (just to name a few) all boast the seal of approval from the CICC’s Leaping Bunning and most notably, PETA.

“Recognised as a 100% cruelty-free brand, their array of non-comedogenic formulas, including heavy-duty concealers, vibrant eyeshadows, exquisite mineral powders and SPF-loaded foundations (just to name a few) all boast the seal of approval from the CICC’s Leaping Bunning and most notably, PETA.”

But what’s even more thoughtful? Their awe-inspiring website which offers a complete ingredient breakdown, delivering those consumers with specific dietary requirements a much clearer picture on every product – even detailing the ones containing gluten and vegan components.

Understandably, the desire for cruelty-free cosmetics has become so increasingly popular of late that many existing lines are re-evaluating their products – with some even rebranding entirely – thanks to the upsurge of consumer awareness surrounding the truly heinous effects of animal testing.

And with research showing that 70% of consumers will quite happily pay more for both ethical and sustainable products, and another 90% believing companies need to act against social issues, it’s clear to see why Jane Iredale’s paraben-free line has, quite frankly, earned its stripes as a reputable, accountable cosmetic guru.

Whether it be their holistic approach to creating responsibly-sourced beauty solutions or their stringent avoidance of markets where animal testing is required, their voluntary commitment to remaining a cruelty-free brand proves to be nothing short of utterly commendable.

So acutely aware of their immense power to nurture many a woman’s sense of well-being and confidence, the dermatologist-approved line implements three non-negotiables throughout their entire line: clean ingredients, cruelty-free products, and of course, high-performance results.

While yes, feeling beautiful in our own skin is something we all crave, the knowledge that your conscious purchasing comes delivered from uncompromised beauty – right through from sourcing to manufacturing – is an added bonus that’s both hard to ignore and sure to resonate for lifetime.


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