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Nike sports bra, P.E Nation leggings, adidas backpack.

Nike jacket, Nike shorts, P.E Nation sports bra, Nike sneakers, Uran Outfitters socks.

P.E Nation sports bra, The Range sweater, Nike sweat band.

P.E Nation sports bra, Nana Judy shorts, Everlast wrist wraps.

Tully Lou jacket, Fae shorts, Nike sneaker, Urban Outfitters socks.

Uni Piece black rashie, I AM GIA bodysuit, Meriplex sunglasses.

I AM GIA jacket, Beach Bunny sports bra, Lorna Jane leggings, Lorna Jane bum bag, Nike sneakers. Urban Outfitters socks.


Model: Anna Avila of ELITE models
Photographer: David Higgs of exclusive artists
Creative Director: Brooke Meredith of studio.acc
Styling: studio.acc | production: Jessica Howells
Hair: Lauren Mackellar 
Makeup: Blondie of exclusive artists



How did you come to be a photographer? Was it something you always knew you wanted to do?

I honestly, kind of fell into photos in high school, it was the only class that stimulated me. From that, I really enjoyed sports photography and pursued that through Photography College. While studying though, I met the owner of Nana Judy and shot for them, on their first-ever range, and this pivoted my direction of work. I loved the fashion side of things, creating as a group, and the rest is history!

Film or digital?

I LOVE the vibe of film, however, in this day and age, where the output of your images are so varied, and needed for immediate use –  digital is a necessity.

Do you prefer morning or afternoon light?

The last 20 minutes of a day is the most magical light, but, it does limit the number of shots. I would generally suggest first light if we have a lot to get through.

You recently moved to Los Angeles. What sparked the change?

I love Melbourne, I love the people, but the sheer amount of people in the USA means so much more opportunity. There is nearly twice as many people in California as there is in Australia. Plus, with the majority of my work being with natural light, and on location, California is perfect, you have access to beaches, deserts, mountains, DTLA. Plus it never rains!

Your must-have necessities on set?

COFFEE! Haha. Music is always a must. And plenty of catering. 😉

Favourite shoot you’ve ever done?

Good question, hard for me to actually pinpoint a shoot, but more the experience behind the shoot is what I remember the most. I’ve shot a Gluestore Campaign on the streets of NYC, Joshua Tree desert shoots, traveling through Asia shooting, these are the things I love.

Advice for those starting out in photography?

Keep it simple, don’t overthink it, it’s very easy to get carried away, wanting to use lights, big equipment etc. But try to remember a simple vibe of an image carries a lot more weight.

Where to next?

Everywhere haha. I love being on the move, shooting in different places, really wanting to hit the Caribbean, and few tropical places like that for shoots.

To check out more of David’s work – click here or follow his journey at @higgsy_photography



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