Too often manifestation gets swept to the side as a woo woo or overly spiritual concept, that only followers of ‘The Secret’ adhere to. But the truth is that you’re already manifesting every second of everyday without even realising it, so let’s start doing it with conscious intention, shall we? When you know the (not-so-secret) formula to successful manifestation it becomes a super practical and effortless way to create anything you damn well want!

Here are my top 5 manifestation tips

  1. Follow the Manifestation Equation: Make It Happen is based on a really simple formula for manifestation and it goes like this. Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith = Successful Manifestation. When all four parts of the equation are working in unison, anything is possible. Align your thoughts with an intention of what you want to manifest. Fuel that intention by tapping into how it feels, this shifts your vibration. Take action towards your intention, manifestation actually involves you doing the things. Have faith that not only are you worthy and deserving of your manifestation but that you’re being fully supported by something greater than you. This simple combo will get you manifesting faster and with more ease than ever before.

    Thoughts + Feelings + Actions + Faith = Successful Manifestation

  2. Work on your self-worth: Your ability to manifest and your level of self-worth are directly correlated. In the areas of your life where you believe you’re worthy and deserving, you’ll find manifestation a breeze, but in the areas of your life where you think you’re less than and undeserving, you’re really going to struggle with manifestation. This was an ah-ha moment for me! If you’re struggling with love, ask yourself, do I feel worthy of love? If not, start working on loving yourself more. If you struggle with money, ask yourself, do I feel deserving of receiving money? If not it’s time to rewrite your money story (I show you how in Make It Happen).
  3. Non-attachment: This is a vital step in manifestation. We, humans, love to grip on super tight to the things we want. In fact, the more we want them the tighter we hold on to them for dear life. But what happens when we refuse to let go, is that we’re communicating to ourselves and to the universe that we don’t have faith that it will work out exactly as it is meant to. So set your intention and then practice faith that if it’s in your highest interest it will absolutely manifest because you are worthy and deserving of it.
  4. Choose Faith over Fear: Just like your level of worthiness, your level of faith plays a vital role in manifestation. But faith’s nemesis is fear and it pops up whenever we begin to doubt ourselves, slip into past stories, or have unfounded future projections. In those moments ask yourself ‘am I in danger?’ (you very rarely are), ‘can I have faith that I am being fully supported rather than let fear run this show?’. Game changer!
  5. It’s just not your time: Much of manifestation is about timing. If you find your intentions aren’t manifesting perhaps the Universe can see it clearer than you, and the timing is just not right. This is where we practice non-attachment and patience. What is meant for you, will manifest for you and if it doesn’t it’s simply because something better is on the way.

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Jordanna Levin

Jordanna Levin is a trained journalist, conscious cook, event facilitator, podcast host, wellness and spirituality blogger, yoga teacher and editor. She loves tarot, crystals and the lunar cycle, but is also a sucker for schedules, practicality and good old-fashioned lists. A free spirit with her feet planted firmly on the ground, Jordanna has a knack for taking mind-exploding spiritual concepts and making them digestible, relatable and applicable to everyone.