Endorsed as a daily ritual by so many, the alluring aromas of a morning coffee are enough to rouse even the weariest of sleepers from their cherished slumber. But while dazed, confused and barely on the spectrum of consciousness, how many of us actually pay mind to how our cup of coffee came to be?

Well bean ground & drunk, a Melbourne-based Organic Fairtrade Coffee brand are doing just that. Since launching to market some two decades ago, the renowned rookie brand has long been trailblazers in the bettering of ethical behaviours within the global coffee game. Oh, and while we’re at it, they’re making sure it tastes damn good, too!

Prior to masterfully-roasting their beans at Bean Alliance Group, burrowed deep within the northern suburbs of Melbourne,  their journey for the perfect arabica stretches far and wide. Initially sourced all the way from Peru, the bean soon arrives in Canada, where they undergo an ecologically-friendly process and unique approach in using Swiss Water to extract caffeine from small batches of unroasted beans, known as the Swiss Water Method. 100% chemical free coffee that is socially responsible to ourselves and sustainable to our world.


Evidently, it’s as clear as day just how hugely passionate this highly dynamic team are about their coffee, almost as seriously as you and me. So, bestowing upon them the responsibility of our precious nectar seems like a delicious bet I’m most willing to make.

But whether relishing in the solace of your home or nestled into your favourite café on a rainy Winters day, there’s something to be said about the overwhelming satisfaction that comes from a 100% certified organic cup of coffee that’s free from chemicals, pesticides and additives that make this organic Fairtrade coffee so truly unique. It’s this core value surrounding the ethics of Fairtrade and organic certification, and more, that inspires consumers to feel 100% every day. In the same way their heart, their passion, their technique, and immense respect for the art is recognised by Australians as “2019 Australian Certified Organic Beverage of the Year.”

there’s something to be said about the overwhelming satisfaction that comes from a 100% certified organic cup of coffee that’s free from chemicals, pesticides and additives that make this organic Fairtrade coffee so truly unique.

So humbled are they by the joy their rookie brand brings to dedicated fans and coffee lovers, bean ground & drunk are forever celebrating the wonderfully uniting powers the brew possesses; the gift of sharing with those you love, the act of bonding with those unknown, and the comfort of exquisite aromas including decadent caramel and notes of toffee sure to spoil your soul.

And yes, while consumer experience is, of course, important, the Australian Certified Organic Beverage of the Year recognises just how crucial it is to focus beyond the quality of its end product. Instead, turning their attention towards ethical production from the start to finish, creating a transparent supply chain that consumers can delve deeper into such as origin, farmer rights and raw materials. Uh-huh, they’re quite literally putting the ‘good’ into ‘a cup of the good stuff’.

But what’s most poignant, and certainly most reflective of the brand’s morals, is the stamp of approval from Fairtrade. Adorning corners of every vibrant package, the symbolism is hard to ignore. A decision which seems largely insignificant to consumers – that being the choice of their bean – holds the power to hugely effect the communities of growers worldwide, directly influencing the wages and living conditions of coffee farmers globally.

Essentially, your choice of bean could be a footprint in eco-friendly and sustainable practises, fair pay for workers, ethical sourcing, and trusted relationships between foreign traders. Yep, that’s right. Your little cup of earthy and aromatic heaven comes with a heavy dose of integrity. And we really dig it.

So, come your next savouring, keep in mind the weight your seemingly small decision bares. And should you show no interest in benefiting yourself, do so in the name of ecological, biological and community standings – because responsible (and seriously yummy) consumption is something you need to pay mind to.

In short, it’s time to wake up and smell the coffee.





300g silkin tofu

100g 70% dark chocolate

2 tbs pure maple syrup

1 tst vanilla essence

2 x espresso shots of bean ground & drunk coffee



1/2 cup raw cashews

2 tbs maple syrup

Extra bean ground & drunk coffee beans for decoration


Ensure the tofu and espresso shots are prepped by having them at room temperature.

Place the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a saucepan of simmering water and stir occasionally until the chocolate

has melted. Set aside to cool to room temperature.

Place the tofu, maple syrup, bean ground & drunk espresso shots and vanilla in a blender and process until smooth

and creamy. Add the cooled chocolate and process again until well combined.

Divide between 2 glasses and refrigerate for 1 hour. (or overnight).

Whilst cooling, heat the maple syrup up in a small saucepan until simmering. Place the cashew nuts in and toss to coat liberally until mixture turns sticky and cashews are candied. Remove from heat and place on a tray to cool.

When ready to serve place cooled candied cashews on top of the set mousse. Top with shaved chocolate and coffee beans.



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Kaitlyn Smith

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