Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world. Never a more accurate phrase has been uttered, and by Marilyn Monroe no less. The girl knew her way around some serious style. Now you really can conquer/travel/wow the world in comfort and ridiculously cute style with a little help from Melbourne based shoe label, Rollie Nation – Basically, your new Sole Mate.

“Rollie who?” I hear you say. Well fear not, my friends – I am here to give you the low down on this brand that has the art of shoemaking completely down pat. It all started as a simple idea back in 2012. The idea of owning a shoe that was light and comfortable, yet did not compromise on style. Rollie founder, Vince Lebon (A.K.A. Literal Shoe Wizard) was committed to making this mere notion a reality. He drew inspiration from his wife Kat (who happened to be searching for the perfect shoe to add to her getup as a flight attendant) and combining this with his industry knowledge and innovative design skills created magic in the form of an entirely new shoe concept.


Crafted from energy returning ethylene vinyl acetate soles (which, in human speak means a very fancy, extra durable sort of rubber), memory foam socks, thin and flexible stiffeners, and soles that have been trialed-and-tested worldwide, you can rest assured that each pair of Rollies is finished with premium materials of nubuck and soft burnish leathers, and is pure quality guaranteed. Mr. Lebon understands the modern traveler. He also understands that shoes can make or break an outfit, and through unnecessary pain and discomfort can make or break a good mood, too. And if you’ve ever been traveling in a foul mood (or with someone who is in a less than favourable mood), you know it’s a total drag. The amazing team at Rollie told us that everything about their product “was based around comfort, lightness, durability and colour” and they hold the words ‘Travel Light’ as their brand’s personal manifesto. These shoes are exactly what Rollie promise – easy to pack, easy to wear, comfortable, light-hearted, playful and totally chic. The perfect travel companion.

And let me tell you, these are well-traveled shoes. They’ve already been picked up by leading stores in countries internationally including New Zealand, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Germany, the U.S. and at home here in Oz. Rollie also work with some of the best factories across the globe and are proud of their long-term partnerships with their makers and manufacturers. They are transparent about their production process, which is super cool and refreshing, and are loyal to their close working relationships and personal friendships with the owners of the factories where their shoes are lovingly made. Rollie even wrote a Code of Conduct that they abide by listing fair wages and great working conditions as of paramount importance to the brand’s core.

So if you’ve imagined bike riding along the streets of Berlin, waiting in line at the Tate, traipsing across Pont Alexandre in Paris, or even just rolling around town to your local farmer’s market, and you want to do so in style and comfort then Rollie Nation might just be the fit for you. And to quote another style guru… It was the wonderful Christian Louboutin who said, “A good shoe is like a good wine”. So drink this one in people because certainly is a winner.

To check out Rollie’s impressive range click here. 

Brought to you in partnership with Rollie Nation.

Model: Nikki from Viviens models

Photographer: Lauren Schulz

Hair and Makeup: Maddie Levett

Styling: Paul Versace


Sophie Flecknoe