Let’s face it. We all covet that glow. A complexion that says, “I’m naturally radiant (without trying, really)”, a bone structure (um, cheekbones!) that can only be described as #blessed. The ability to say I actually, truly, woke up like this.

But, let’s be real. There are some of us out there who are freaked out by the concept of invasive procedures, small or large. Or, maybe you’re like me and you just don’t want a scary needle digging into your forehead, cheeks or anywhere else for that matter.

I will be honest and say that I am guilty of spending hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on procedures to help my skin, whether that be to tackle breakouts, target fine lines – I swear it’s not fair to be 25 and facing frown lines and active breakouts in the same week! Have mercy! – or simply to give my skin the kick in the pants it needs to look and feel dewy, soft and glowing. The effects of these treatments sometimes were only fleeting and I had to endure post-treatment-pre-glow dry, red and raw skin before I was comfortable to be around others. Truth.

So, sometimes we all need a little help. Enter FACEGYM, the aforementioned kick in the pants our faces need. FACEGYM are different. What they offer is not a facial, or a peel, a light treatment, or anything else you can think of. No. What they offer is a workout – an actual workout for your face. This noninvasive ‘workout’ looks beyond just the skin to the 40 muscles underneath. It pairs high-energy kneading movements with cutting-edge technology (read: radio frequency and 4D laser) to tone and tighten these muscles and give the effect of a facelift, naturally. Zero-risk? Non-invasive? Sign us up!

So who is behind this genius idea? Inge Theron founded FACEGYM out of necessity after a facial treatment left her housebound (I feel you girl. Oh, how I have been there.) This experience led her to believe that there must be a better way to age gracefully and naturally. And, after countless different spa visits, gym sessions, anti-ageing treatments and channeling over 3 years of expensive, and not to mention, time-consuming research into the project, she definitely has science on her side.

Now, let’s get to the technical, science-y stuff. FACEGYM is a high-intensity sports massage that has earned the title of ‘workout’ because it stimulates muscle myofascial release and response to increase muscle toning, circulation and lymph drainage promoting intercellular exchange. Fancy, huh? But more specifically, this workout will visibly improve skin texture and through muscle toning with result in skin tightening. Hallelujah!

The FACEGYM experts recommend ‘training’ on a regular basis in order to maintain results. And in conjunction with your workout, you can create a custom-blended Training Serum to fit your workout, skin and lifestyle needs. In every bottle of these bespoke magic potions is the ‘Muscle Blend’, a concoction of 6 powerful ingredients including L-Carnitine to hydrate, strengthen and feed your freshly worked out skin. Inspired by training and powered by beauty. This is the FACEGYM mantra. They encourage you to accentuate what you have and be the best possible you. Naturally.

Game faces, ladies. This is the real deal.


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Sophie Flecknoe