We know how passionate you are about health and wellness. Has your approach to overall health had any impact on your skin?
Absolutely! It wasn’t something that I realised straight away but I noticed the impact of health and wellness on my skin when I was on holidays a few years back. I was indulging in foods that I wouldn’t normally eat and also not exercising very much. I was having small breakouts, my skin was uneven and dehydrated and I didn’t understand why. It wasn’t until I returned home and back into my routine that I realised the very reason why, was due to having slacked off. Now whenever I go away on holidays, I try to continue to be healthy and active ( most of the time haha) so I feel great and so that my skin doesn’t suffer!Brooke-Hogan-Foreo3


Given your job, fitness obviously plays a big part in your life. How do you care for your skin pre and post workout?
Cleansing with the Foreo Luna device every single morning and night. After a workout I basically do the exact same routine as when I first wake up in the morning, cleanse with my Foreo Luna 2 and then apply my products. If my workout is in the evening, I’ll then do a double cleanse after my workout, which I would count as part of my night routine. Depending on what time of the day I workout, I either cleanse my skin 2 to 3 times a day. I know it may seems like a lot of cleansing and using a lot of products but I take my skin being clean very seriously (laughs).

We know how important the role of skincare is in maintaining a healthy glow, but what about what you put in your body? Do you rely on any superfoods for healthy skin too?
Your skin on the outside is a reflection of what you put on the inside as well as how you care for it. As I mentioned earlier, I notice such a change in my skin when I do and don’t eat nutritious and healthy foods. My skin loves lots of water, proteins, veggies & healthy fats to maintain that healthy glow. I have a teaspoon of organic essential greens powder in a smoothie everyday to help my body get those extra nutrients it needs to look and feel my best!
You have BEAUTIFUL skin – has it always been this way or have you suffered from temperamental skin in the past? And, if so, how have you worked through any skin issues to get things back on track?
That is very nice – thank you! My skin definitely hasn’t always been this healthy. Like most women, my skin can be quite temperamental around that time of the month but other than that my skin was basically fine up until about a year and a half ago. I went through a strange phase where I had severe and painful breakouts all over my cheeks and forehead, which was quite unsual for me – my skin wasn’t perfect beforehand but it was never that bad!
I made a few diet changes, ate less processed sugars and cut out some heavy dairy and I saw a dramatic impact.

If your skin has had a sudden freak-out and you can’t point your finger at why, have a look into your diet and see if you can make some changes that help.

At what age did you really start focusing on the health of your skin? How has your beauty routine changed since then?
Probably when I first started modeling full time, so around 20 (I’m now 26). When you arrive at a shoot you have to go completely barefaced and natural – absolutely no makeup. I started taking care of my skin so that I wouldn’t feel self-conscious when arriving at a shoot. I wear SPF every single day I am outside and use eye creams most nights.
I feel the older I get the more I am focused on keeping my skin young, radiant and healthy.

You’ve been modelling for quite some time now. How do you keep your skin looking so fresh despite heavy shoot makeup?
Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! As soon as I get home from work I cleanse my face with my Foreo Luna twice or three times to ensure there is absolutely no leftover makeup on my skin. On days where I am not shooting, I like to wear minimal or no makeup to give it a break.

And are there any tips and tricks you’ve picked up from the makeup artists you’ve worked with?
Oh there are so many! Create ‘glow’ in your base by using an luminizing moisturiser/primer, use a nude/white liner on the inner rim to make yourself look more awake, use a lip brush when trying to achieve a bold lip to ensure the neatest lines possible and try to use products with pumps rather than things in open tubs as they are more hygienic!

How do you approach beauty in your downtime?
I’m very relaxed in my downtime. I still obviously maintain my skincare routine but I wear barely any makeup. Maybe some tinted moisturiser if I’m feeling a bit yucky but majority of the time I try to keep my skin clean.

You’ve been announced as an ambassador for Foreo. Which Foreo products do you use regularly and how have they changed your skin?
YAY! I’m so excited about this as I am genuinely in love with Foreo products. I use the Luna 2, Iris eye massager, Espada acne light and Luna go when I’m travelling and, most recently, the UFO. The Luna has really changed my skin as it provides such a deep clean, unclogs pores and the other side of the device is used to help with anti-ageing – it really is amazing! The Iris helps with dark circles and wrinkles, the Espada is great for eliminating individual blemishes and the UFO works with red, green and blue LED lights to rejuvenate your skin! Told you, I’m obsessed!


You can only use three beauty products for the rest of your life. What are they?
DMK Cleanser and Foreo Luna 2 and moisturiser – without a doubt!


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