It’s no secret that Pilates is a game changer when it comes to manipulating muscles and physical body shape. And, when practiced with consistency, Pilates will guarantee you more flexibility, strength and more control and endurance of the entire body.

It has long been my staple workout, mixed in with a little trot around the block each week I’ve worked out that it is the very workout that served my body best. That was of course until I was introduced to CORE+ Hot Pilates, the game-changer of workouts that saw my results skyrocket even after just a few casual sessions. Fast-forward 2 years, it’s locked in my calendar for 3 sessions a week. Without fail, it’s my most favourite workout that ups the ante from it’s standard predecessor to the next-gen of Pilates.
Core+ Hot Pilates

CORE+ classes fuse together the best elements of yoga, Pilates, and functional movement. And, the best part? It’s completed in a controlled heated room, ensuring you sweat out those toxins, drain those fat cells and get an incredible release of endorphins.

CORE + classes fuse together the best elements of yoga, Pilates, and functional movement.

The low impact workouts offer the perfect combination of Pilates, cardio, and strength, delivered through their signature classes. From Hot Pilates to kettlebell yoga and reformer classes there are many options to find which workout suits you best. And, between their carefully curated playlists and enthusiastic upbeat trainers boosting you up each session, you will be sure to feel empowered and inspired. Be warned though, when I say this is not your average Pilates class I sure do mean it, there may just be burpees and mountain climbers incorporated into the sweaty mix. As for the rest? I’ll leave that for your surprise.

Core+ Hot Pilates

Check out a Core+ near you, located in Hawthorn East, Port Melbourne, Malvern East, Preston and Richmond.

My go-to Classes

Hot Pilates
The workout
A Mat-based Pilates workout combining core-strengthening exercises, cardio intervals, resistance work, up-beat music and added heat.

What does it do?
Tones, strengthens, detoxifies and burns calories…fast!

Guns, Bums + Tums
The workout
Resistance-based circuit dedicated to those three most popular target areas.

What does it do?
Strengthens, defines and tones the biceps, glutes and abs.

Kettlebell Yoga
The workout

A total body workout bringing together dynamic yoga postures with powerful kettlebell movements. It hits every major muscle group emphasising form and technique, and if you ask us, it’s kind of genius.

What does it do?
Targets and tones the arms, legs, shoulders, and core, finishing with a mindful stretch to leave you totally balanced.

Core+ Hot Pilates

To try the workouts for yourself, take advantage of 25% off any pass. Just use the code CORE+ACC  at the checkout. Offer valid until  31st July 

To book in a class and check out a studio. Click here.



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