Practicing mindfulness can be done anywhere, anytime; between meetings, on your way to the office, over your morning coffee or before bed. These mindfulness tips will help to clear your head and keep you grounded.


A great way to practice mindfulness no matter how busy you are, no matter where you are is by saying a silent thank you to the world around you (best done as a thought in your mind or you can say it aloud if you find necessary). Saying thank you to those things that you are grateful for throughout the day continually puts positive affirmation in your mind.

Thank you for the first sip of your morning coffee, thank you for a breath of fresh air, thank you for getting a green traffic light, thank you for a phone call with a friend.


Crystals are a great way of keeping us centered, choose a crystal with positive affirmation and properties best suited to your daily worries or stresses. Keep this crystal with you, either in your wallet wherever you go or at your desk. Take one whole minute to resonate with the properties of the crystal by closing your eyes and holding the crystal against your chest for the duration of a minute, focusing on your breathing and clearing your mind of thoughts. If it is a practice you are unfamiliar with it may feel uncomfortable in the beginning but guaranteed you will feel better centered after the minute is complete.

Find a comfortable place to sit, it only takes a few minutes. Breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth, starting slowly until you achieve long deep breaths. Purposefully focus on your breathing, using your breath out to release your thoughts and clear your mind. Continue this until you feel relaxed.


This one is simple and nature gives us it’s beauty for free. Take time to go for a walk outside, sit in the sun, practice your breathing outside, even eat lunch outside. Taking a moment outside can clear your mind and allow you to truly appreciate the moment you are in.


Music has the power to drastically change your mood, so make yourself a wellbeing playlist, pick your ‘you’ song or listen to a podcast. You don’t even have to leave your desk to take a moment of mental clarity, just put some headphones in and listen, allowing the music and words to centre your positive focus.


There are many mindful benefits of journaling, and taking the time to write in a gratitude journal before bed takes only 5 minutes but allows you to switch off from a positive, challenging or stressful day and set your mind in the right frame to have a healthy sleep. A nightly gratitude journal involves writing down three things you are grateful for that happened that day, it can be something as big as a success that day or as small as being grateful for a meal you had.



Sara Pull

Sara is a Sydney based fashion, beauty and lifestyle writer with an appreciation for slow living. Her writing is fuelled with the intent to support Australian labels and share the stories of the people and brands exploring ethical and sustainable practices in the beauty and fashion industries. When she doesn’t have her head in a computer or isn’t putting pen to paper you can find Sara by the ocean or drinking excessive cups of tea with friends.