It’s safe to say we’ve been living and breathing all things Formula 1® 2018 Rolex Australian Grand Prix these past few weeks, and we recently had the opportunity to chat with Swiss race car driver Simona De Silvestro about her career, how she keeps fit, and thriving in an industry traditionally dominated by men.

How do you stay fit and prepare your body physically for your races?

A lot of training outside of the race car, we spend a lot of time at the gym and doing cardio as the races are quite long and the heart rate stays very high for long periods of time. There is also lots of cycling, running and heat training when we go to the hotter events.

With so much travel required for your career, how do you stick to a healthy routine?

It’s a bit tricky when you travel so much but you always try to find good places to eat and get good sleep as well, that’s quite important. Travelling is a big part of racing so you try to manage as best you can. Your body does become used to it, however I usually get quite sick when the season is over and you slow down. I think the body adapts to being high strung all the time and gets used to it.

What is the biggest challenge you face being a successful woman in such a male dominated career?

It is something I have been used to. Most of my career I have been the only female and it’s kind of nice to be carrying the flag and show that anything is possible.

Motorsport is such a good sport to show that women can do it, as it is head to head with the guys.

It’s like any job out there, you have to be competitive, be good at it and you will get your chance. It has been pretty good in my career.

Who is your biggest inspiration in life?

My parents at a really early age gave me the chance to do this. My dad and my mum helped me get the shot and inspired me to become who I am. I have always been a big Michael Schumacher fan and what he achieved in his career was quite remarkable, something to really look up to.

What do you love about visiting Melbourne?

I like the city, it feels like a real European City and it’s really cool to be racing with Formula One here. As a kid you are always excited to see the first race so to be here with them is awesome.

Where’s your favourite place to visit on holiday to truly switch off and relax?

The Mountains. I love going skiing, hiking or mountain biking. Being up in the mountain away from everything and mostly there is no phone reception, which is quite nice to relax and get away from things. I love Switzerland but I would like to check it out around here and I hear New Zealand is quite cool as well.



Alexandra Cuthbert

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