Improving your health is the best gift you can give yourself.  It’s a lot easier and more enjoyable (let’s be honest!) when you’re doing it with the assistance of amazing spa treatments, incredible specialists and game-changing wellness technologies to assist you smoothly through the process.

Luckily for Sydneysiders looking to detox, pamper, naturally treat health concerns and improve training recovery time, these three local wellness spas and clinics will have you relaxed, glowing inside-out, fighting fit and cleansed as can be. So add them to your map, book yourself in, enjoy the journey and say hello to the new, healthier you that’s only a few treatments away.


Koa Recovery is the athlete’s ideal wellness destination in Waterloo, offering sports recovery and injury management, as well as all round health supporting therapies in their boutique, LA inspired centre. The ambience is inner-city-cool yet simultaneously welcoming and customers are made to feel right at home in the comfortable lounge area or treatment spaces.

Koa’s core four treatments on offer are whole body cryotherapy, using a tank of liquid nitrogen to expose the skin to sub zero degrees for up to 3 minutes; float therapy, where you lie in a designer pod filled with water and epsome salts for an anti-gravity experience; NormaTec Compression Therapy, where a high tech machine massages from your feet to your thighs with fluctuating pressure; and Compex Electrical Muscle Stimulation Therapy, using cutting-edge technology to stimulate the muscles to assist with pain management and improve fitness results.

Synergistically combining medical grade therapies with holistic natural therapies yields Koa clients with incredible fitness and health results. Get ready to elevate your wellness routine to a new level of tech savviness and reap the rewards that come with it.


Nestled in the heart of the Lower North Shore, Cryospa Clinics is a contemporary health and beauty abode that promises to have you leave it’s doors cleansed, relaxed, detoxified and radiant.

The treatment menu encompasses beauty, whole body and localised cryotherapy (cellulite or pain, be gone!), infra-red saunas (sweat it out) and halotherapy (breathing in the air inside a mineral-rich salt room).

If you’ve never tried the last one, it might be because Cryo Spa Clinics’ active pink Himalayan salt room is the only place in Sydney where you can experience the many benefits of world-class halotherapy. An immensely popular wellness protocol for years in Europe, a treatment involves relaxing on a day bed in a beautiful room made of pink Himalayan salt bricks with a filter that also disperses more salt through the atmosphere. The mineral rich air neutralises electromagnetic frequencies and charges the water molecules in the room with its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, positive energy, providing beneficial effects against allergies, nervous tension, insomnia, difficulties in concentration and free radicals, whilst giving your body a power nutrient boost of calcium, potassium, magnesium, copper, and bromine.

Whether you want to freeze, sweat or salt it out, the incredible staff and impressive facilities make Cryo Spa Clinics one of the city’s ultimate wellness escapes.


Tucked tranquilly away on a suburban street in the modern health mecca that is Bondi, entering To Wonderland is like stepping foot in the very Vogue of wellness spas. From the chic interiors that seamlessly blend holistic aspects such as crystals with contemporary luxe styling, this organic detox and beauty haven will have you feeling relaxed and pampered from the moment you arrive.

With a comprehensive and uniquely curated treatment menu, offering everything from colonics and massage, to organic facials or a journey with the ‘Wellness Alchemist’ with liquid crystals, intuitive medicine, quantum reflex analysis, sound therapy and Aura Soma oils at her treatment disposal, this is no ordinary spa experience.

In due credit, this is the place singlehandedly making colonics a luxurious experience. If you are new to the concept of colon hydrotherapy, it involves gently cleansing the colon with water to help flush out built up waste, hydrate the body and assist the hard working digestive system. To Wonderland uses the state of the art closed system machine in conjunction with the massage skills of their incredible therapists. And if this doesn’t sound glam enough to you, the benefits surely do; detoxification, glowing skin, increased immunity, weight loss, digestive health, a sense of clarity and energy, to name just some.

Whatever your goals or health needs, the treatments can be combined to create your own individual wellness experience or program taking you on the path to reaching your very own wellness wonderland with holistic and results based methods.


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Lolita Walters

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