Hot off the back of her brand new capsule collection with Jodhi Meares’ activewear label THE UPSIDE, we spoke to the ultimate cool girl Nadia Fairfax about her new range, how she keeps fit and fabulous, and her sporting muse.

Her stunning new range features 13 pieces, inspired by gymnastics and tennis superstars of the 1970s through to the 1990s, with a vintage flair and modern design, trust us when we say you’re going to be looking for your closest tennis court and vintage kicks once you get your hands on this collection.

What’s your absolute favourite piece from your The Upside capsule collection?

Oh gosh, that is so hard! I truly love them all. The Springboard Skort is a bit of an all-rounder.  Great for a run or walk, a game of tennis followed by some pimms, or even worn with a crispy white shirt and some white sneakers for lunch with your gal pals.

Are you an athleisure wear to brunch and on planes kind of girl, or do you save it strictly for the gym?

Ha! I am in athleisure more outside of the gym than in. You wont catch me in activewear on the plane, but chic retro looking tracksuits and jumpers are my speed. With my lifestyle I have to change clothes so many times, so if I am able to stay in the same thing all day – I really love it!

You lead such a busy life, constantly travelling all over the world for work – how do you find the time and motivation to keep fit amongst it all?

To be honest, sometimes I don’t find the time – but that is A-OK! Health is all about balance. If I have the time and feel up to it , I’ll train. if I am to tired and can’t fit it in, I wont push myself.

I feel like sometimes I watch people beating themselves up, strict dieting and training twice a day. Calm down – aren’t you exhausted??? I think the less you tell yourself no, the less you crave the bad.

Life is here for us to enjoy!

Growing up with a professional athlete as a father must have been incredible inspiring – what is the most valuable lesson he taught you as a child that still resonates today?

Dad never pushed me, and I think that is the reason I have such a great love for sport.  He taught me to make me own decisions pretty early. It was all about having strong sense of self – believe in yourself and you can tackle the world. Sounds pretty cliché, but it has clearly stuck with me – one definitely needs a fair bit of self confidence to do what I do now.

If you could see one female athlete you look up to wearing your collection, who would it be?

Natasha Hastings. She is cool as a cucumber! A track and field champ meets Beyonce.



Alexandra Cuthbert

Alexandra is a writer and publicist whose hobbies include brunch, road trips to the beach or countryside, live music, trying to increase her daily step count, searching vintage bookstores around the world for copies of On The Road by Jack Kerouac to add to her colour coordinated bookshelf, and dreaming of her next trip to New York City.