As the muse of Tigerlily’s latest Spicewood collection, model Zippora Seven and Photographer boyfriend, Terence Connors travelled around the North Island of New Zealand, shooting their favourite pieces from the range in stunning remote locations. We caught up with Zippora and Terence to speak about their incredible New Zealand journey, and their lives as travelling creatives.

Where do you call home? 

Zippora. Waiheke Island and Montauk

Terence. Sometimes my suitcase feels like my home but Montauk and Waiheke are the places that feel like home.

What unexpected destinations have you explored recently? 

Z. We moved onto a sailboat in New York and we’ve been exploring the little islands off the coast there. Terence and I are meeting up in Normandie next week. We’ve been traveling separately for past month; lots of trips to the Great Barrier Reef, South Africa and Baja Mexico.

T. I had a big trip through the mid west of America as well for a week long job, which was very surreal.

Tell us about the shoot location. Why did you choose Spirits Bay in Northland, New Zealand, for the Tigerlily Shoot?

Z. I hadn’t been there since I was a child, but I had these wonderful memories of the excitement of exploring these endless sand dunes and the Maori myths of Spirits Bay and I wanted to go back, share that with Terence.

T. We had been there together a month earlier to explore some surf spots up the coast around yew year and finally when we got to Spirits Bay I thought we’d arrived to heaven. It’s unlike any place I’ve ever seen. It’s so untouched and magical looking, it’s hard to translate in photos or moving image so I suggest you go for yourself. For having traveled around the world a bunch I can say that’s it’s truly unique.

 Travel to me is…

Z. Seeing the world from another perspective. It’s doesn’t mean you have to go to a different country or spend a lot of money.

T. A good movie, photograph or music can also take me pretty far…


Tell about how you styled the looks and your favourite Tigerlily pieces from the shoot… 

Z. We really just went exploring and I wore my favorite pieces on each adventure. I love Tigerlily swimwear, it’s really flattering and good quality. I love the bikinis and the cozy knit too.

T. Zippy knows best!

Tell us about your creative outlets and inspirations… 

Z. I love taking photos and making images. Traveling to new cultures is so exciting to me. I take photos of everything, I love new colours and I love the afternoon sun. I’m inspired by artists and woman following their dreams.

T. We’ve been designing our house in Montauk for the past year, which has been a good creative outlet to express our styles, combine them and look for inspiration.

My style is…

Z. Pretty lazy! Vintage pieces I can throw on over a bikini. Jewellery or sparkly accessories dress up jeans and a T-shirt.

My style muses are…

Z. David Bowie, Janis Joplin

T. Bowie, David Hemmings in blow up, Delon in purple noon, Dennis Hopper, Hendrix




Alexandra Cuthbert

Alexandra is a writer and publicist whose hobbies include brunch, road trips to the beach or countryside, live music, trying to increase her daily step count, searching vintage bookstores around the world for copies of On The Road by Jack Kerouac to add to her colour coordinated bookshelf, and dreaming of her next trip to New York City.