The painless way to brighten your smile, without long-term damage or harsh chemicals. Perla is leading the way in peroxide-free, pain-free, anxiety-free teeth whitening.

If you’re like me – you already know the types of food to avoid because they’re going to stain your teeth. We’re talking delicious pastas, healthy beetroot salads, your morning coffee and that Friday night red wine. You know they cause discolouration, and yet, you indulge in them anyway. Before long you find yourself staring at your own reflection in the mirror, grinning ridiculously to bear your teeth. You lean in closer, examining your smile and think ‘I brush, I floss, I rinse – this isn’t fair! No way am I putting myself through all that pain just for pearly whites. Dammit, no red wine tonight!’

Good news guys, we’ve found the answer. It’s pain free, easy, doesn’t cost a fortune and is naturally derived. Sounds too good to be true, right? I thought so too. Let me introduce you to our ground breaking little secret that’s changing the way teeth whitening is viewed… Perla.


Traditionally, teeth whitening has come in the form of messy DIY kits or an in chair ‘cosmetic treatment’ administered by your local dentist. The DIY kit, while cost effective and easy to use, are at complete discretion of the user, contain nasty chemicals and come as a “one size fits all” treatment. This can result in allergic reactions, blisters, ulcers, pain in teeth and sensitivity. Alternatively, an in-chair treatment can provide great results but are generally attached to a substantial price tag. Similarly, pain, sensitivity and irritation are common side effects due to chemical and high dose peroxide formulas. Ouch! Enter Perla, the game changer that’s shaking up the world of oral care.

Created by a team of leading oral hygiene experts – Perla’s non-abrasive, peroxide free treatments are formulated to gently lift stains and whiten teeth, naturally. With three formulas to choose from, the 30 minute in-chair treatment is a pain free alternative for a brighter, whiter smile.



On your first visit, the team at Perla will assess the condition of your teeth and create a personalised treatment plan based on the level of stains and corrections needed. Generally, three in-chair sessions are recommended. You will be taken through the options available to you, with each formula described in detail before settling on your preferred method.

Once you have been briefed, discussed any concerns and have chosen a teeth whitening formula, you will be led through to the treatment room. Here you can expect to find a personalised pre-treatment station including charcoal tooth brush, exfoliating treatment (for the dentist fresh feeling!), rinse sink and mirror. After a quick brush-and-polish you’re ready for the chair.

Now, when I say this is an “in-chair treatment” you’ve probably conjured up an image of the banana shaped dentist chair sitting in a cold and sterile room, yes? At Perla your experience will be the complete opposite (Win!), the treatment facilities are more in line with an elite day spa. I’ll paint a picture for you; plush armchairs reclined for maximum comfort, soft and luxurious textiles for extra comfort, heavy curtains drawn for absolute privacy, soft lighting and your very own set of Bose headphones –  just in case you want to listen to tunes, an e-book or podcast.

This is your precious time and Perla know exactly how to make you feel welcomed, relaxed and at ease.

Once you’re perched comfortably in your chair it’s as simple as; mouth guard in, protective glasses in place (the LED light used throughout the treatment is bright!) headphones on. If you have sensitive or dry skin, I recommend asking one of the staff members for a little barrier cream before treatment (this will guard your lips and lock moisture in) and a coconut oil sachet post treatment (to soothe and coat your mouth and tongue).

Perla staff will position the light correctly before switching on and you get to relax for 30 minutes while the magic happens! A quick rinse and brush is required post treatment before the staff measure your progress on a teeth whitening chart and send you on your way, pearly whites gleaming. Easy!



To begin with, I personally chose the all-natural bicarbonate formula to lift those stubborn stains. After my first session I was shocked to find out that I’d shifted a full 3 shades, amazing! I used a second all-natural treatment the following week and completed my sessions with a final week “booster” containing 6% peroxide (this peroxide formula is available upon request – it contains a much lower peroxide percentage than traditional dentist formulas to ensure optimal comfort is still maintained).

I experienced minor sensitivity post treatment which lasted approximately 24 hours, with no nerve pain. Between and post treatments I used Pérla Activated Charcoal Powder and Pérla exfoliating powder to help maintain and extend results. Both products are created from entirely natural ingredients and have become a must-have in my oral-care regime.

Overall, my teeth are whiter with even tone and that dentist fresh feeling.


As the cooler months start to roll in, take comfort knowing that you can still devour the hearty soups, rich homemade pasta sauces and warming winter reds. With a little low key maintenance your pearly whites will continue to shine bright and we think that’s something to smile about.



Alexandra Meakin

Alexandra is Interested in all aspects of the lifestyle, wellness, media and creative industries. Her ability to think outside of the box drives her focus on finding strategic and creative solutions, no matter what the brief entails. Inquisitive by nature, her passion for innovative and inspiring work has enabled her to work locally, nationally and internationally. Alexandra can often be found laughing over coffee with friends, dancing in the kitchen, stretching out on a yoga mat or planning her next travel adventures.