Recently we were lucky enough to be invited by the lovely team from Forever New to join them for the Business Chicks lunch with actress, entrepreneur, author, mother, and all round amazing woman, Kate Hudson. Dream lunch, much? Kate was in town to talk to Business Chicks Founder Emma Isaacs about her new book Pretty Fun and her $250 Million Fablectics brand.

It was incredible to see this internationally famous woman off the big screen, seated just across the room and being so humble about her success, the challenges she faces in business and in life, and discussing the Time’s Up movement, something she was visibly so passionate about. Thanks to Business Chicks, we wanted to share a few of Kate’s words of wisdom from her Australian visit.

We’re all so different, but we’ve been put in this position where we have this idea that we all have to look the same way. And we didn’t decide that, we’ve been put in that and it’s bullshit.




At the end of the day, how do we balance anything? I never feel completely balanced, and I’m still happy.




Time’s Up and #Metoo are not just about harassment. It’s an overall presence of women being stronger and saying ‘I’ve had enough of being put in this corner’ whether it be domestic abuse or in the workplace. We’ve had enough!




The irony is that when we take care of ourselves first, we are in a much stronger place to take care of those we love.



I have the optimistic gene. Life is so fleeting and short, and I just want to have a great time doing it.

A BIG thank you to Forever New, AMPR and Business Chicks for such an inspiring afternoon!




Alexandra Cuthbert

Alexandra is a writer and publicist whose hobbies include brunch, road trips to the beach or countryside, live music, trying to increase her daily step count, searching vintage bookstores around the world for copies of On The Road by Jack Kerouac to add to her colour coordinated bookshelf, and dreaming of her next trip to New York City.