You know what they say – don’t run with scissors, don’t go out in the cold with wet hair, eat all of your crust, BUT my favourite; a Sunday well spent brings a week of content. What are you even on about Tiff!? Meal prep is the name of the game and I am here to show you how to win!

Sometimes the thought of getting prepped for the week ahead is daunting. Your eyes have clocked all of the empty containers begging to be filled and you file it in the ‘too hard basket.’ I promise you meal prepping helps!

Planning ahead means you’re giving yourself the chance to eat healthy, without even thinking about it.

The more you plan ahead the more likely you’ll stick to your plan, and soon getting those meals ready will become a part of your everyday life.


Write yourself a list and go to the shops with a plan. Have a clear and concise list so you don’t walk out with the entire aisle five. Knowing exactly what you need (and what meals are ahead) for your healthy week means you won’t go rogue at the markets and will save some extra dollars – plus you know you have all of the ingredients for your healthy week.


Even though you’ve done the shop for the week, when you get home it’s time to get assembling to make the rest of your week even easier. Chop and bulk cook your veggies at the start of the week, get out your biggest tray and bake them, precut and portion them out so they’re ready, then all you have to do to finish up is add your protein part of the meal.

Pre assemble your breakies, smoothies, lunches, salad jars and oats. Prep foods that last for longer than a day – boil some eggs, cut up those veggie sticks!


Store all of your ready to eat meals, smoothie prep, bulk chop of veggies in the freezer, all portioned out. Your meals are now easily attainable and conveniently located, with your portion size controlled. You’re much more likely to stick to your plan if it’s already there, just waiting for a bit of a thaw.


Use what you already have floating around in your kitchen. If your recipe calls for spinach but you only have some kale, swap it over and give yourself a pat on the back for not wasting those delicious greens. Embrace the seasons too – swap your produce around for seasonal fruits and veggies, they’re not only better quality but cheaper too. Win!

KISN (Keep it Simple Ninja)

Keep it simple and choose recipes that have similar flavours and ingredients. Staying within your comfort zone – with the occasional foray into a new ingredient or meal- when trying to meal prep and cook will help you stay on track and make meal prep easier.


Have yourself a bit of an investigation into your pantry and fridge and work out which foods need to be eaten first. It’s good to acquaint yourself with the shelf life of your food. Things like berries, spinach, avocado and rocket won’t last as long as vegetables like pumpkin, sweet potato, carrots, corn and broccoli, which can all be used later in the week.


Head to and get a helping hand with my Tiffxo menu planner. You’ll be a prep master in no time!




Tiffiny Hall

Tiffiny Hall is a mother, author, expert trainer and television personality, as well as being one of the highest qualified female martial artists in the world for her age. She is a Sixth Dan Black Belt Master Instructor, qualified personal trainer with a Diploma of Sport Coaching, specialising in martial arts. Tiff is passionate about creative writing and has published four novels with her next Young Adult novel set for release in 2018. She has written four health books and a cookbook.