While we’ve all witnessed some questionable interior fads through the ages (hello, mum and dad’s bright blue suede feature wall circa 2007), there’s always been the consistent notion behind styling a home – ultimately, to create comfort levels through a stunning and uber-relaxing ambience – something which can prove to be more challenging than initially expected.

Fortunately, the interior styling dream known as ‘Hygge’ is never-ending in the game of inspiration. Pronounced as ‘hue-guh’ – the concept doesn’t involve a complete overhaul of your home, but instead looks at what can be done to truly drive home the feeling of cosiness – making your home the ultimate place of calm – where you don’t just eat and sleep, but you live, entertain, unwind and mostly, enjoy.

Developed in the 18th century by the Danish, they embraced hygge into their way of living in pursuit of contentment – and to add validity to their reasoning, still to this day consistently top polls as the happiest people on Earth, even in one of the coldest of climates.

It’s due to the fact that they’ve not limited it to being just a style; they’ve long recognised it’s the feeling that comes with Hygge. The idea that a night cosied up with a blanket and cuppa on the couch is the perfect night in, or a long hot bath to de-stress from the working week the ultimate solution. Whichever you prefer, here’s a few hot tips to start the Hygge effect on your home and your life.

Light It Up

Not only do candles encompass the tranquil ambience Hygge represents – but they’re also extremely satisfying to all the senses.

The beauty of the flickering flame is obviously enchanting in itself – but when you throw in the mix of a sweet scent to float through the air and basically warm your soul from the inside out, in addition to the sweet sound of silence or light music usually accompanied, it’s the ultimate mood enhancer to reconnect with yourself, or your special company.

Don’t Overdo It

The golden rule to Hygge-ing out your home; Indulgence, not extravagance. Keep things minimal. You don’t need to throw out anything or begin a complete overhaul of your home. It’s about bringing in the little additions to make your house, homelier – invest in décor to tie in with furniture, sip your tea from beautiful mugs, and keep collecting recipe books to use whether for a solo night in or cosy dinner party with your gal pals.

Add Textures

The addition of different materials, patterns and comfort-inducing goodies are essentially, the cherry on top to the perfect interior. With comfort and calmness comes the necessary influx of cushions, throws, rugs and snuggly blankets for those chilly winter nights.

Get Your Comfy Clothes Right

While your home might be sorted, Hygge is all about ensuring you’re comfortable too, starting with the most important part. Be sure to invest in some quality lazy-wear to truly make the most of those down times. Rest and relaxation is essential to your mental health – often credited to ‘rebooting the system’ after a long week at work, and the movement of ‘embracing being lazy’ is on the rise.

Hygge Into Happiness  

 Remember those cook books mentioned before? Well, it’s time to put them to use. The overall concept of hygge encourages the enjoyment of the space around you to complement your life. And realistically there’s one great way to do just that – dinner parties with your nearest and dearest! Invite your pals around for a cook up of nourishing dishes, sit down for a glass of hard-earned red and of course, enjoy a night of love, laughs and darn-good conversations. Remember; don’t just live in hygge, but truly embrace to live hygge in every aspect of your beautifully-blessed life.

Photo credits – Niki Brantmark



Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn’s an avid traveller & foodie, who when not off spontaneously discovering new parts of the world, is often busy with her nose buried in books & eyes glued to documentaries. Having a passion for writing since she was a teen, Kaitlyn dabbled in other industries, but truly found her voice, confidence & creativity when she was living in NYC & LA. She’s a health & wellness lover who credits her sanity & day-to-day functioning to her daily exercise routine. She’s a believer in a balanced life so, when she’s not sweating it out, she can usually be found cooped up in her favourite cafe with her best girlfriends, turmeric latte in hand & a smile from ear to ear.