Our resident fitness expert Sam Wood introduces us to his gorgeous partner Snezana’s easy to follow pregnancy pilates routine for all those mummas to be struggling to find the motivation to keep fit.

I loved doing pilates throughout my pregnancy and can confidently say that it helped me maintain my strength and minimise the dreaded aches and pains. Even though at times it felt like the last thing I wanted to do, I continually reminded myself that keeping my core strong would be really helpful to strengthen my back, stomach and pelvic floor muscles as my pregnancy progressed. When Sam introduced pregnancy specific pilates into his 28 program I very happily volunteered to give it a go and it is something I definitely encourage all expecting mums to do. Here are five of my favourite pregnancy pilates exercises:


1. Side-lying inner outer thigh 

Make sure you are in a comfortable position, keeping your tummy and your head well supported at all times.  Lift and lower your top leg by working through a large but comfortable range of motion.  This is great for getting that deep glute burn. I like to do 20 each side

2. Kneeling Alternating Supermans

Start off with your hands directly underneath your chest with your knees directly under your hips. At the same time, lift your opposite arm and leg. Extend them whilst ensuring they’re at the same height, pausing and holding at the top. Then, slowly lower both your arm and leg back to your starting position before repeating on the other side. Go for 30 reps all together and really lengthen through your arms and legs.


3. Kneeling Plank

A standard plank can put strain on your back so a kneeling plank is an easy way to modify and ensure you have good posture. I like to do 10 seconds on, 10 seconds off x 3. Remember to breathe!

4. Plié squat

I can’t do this exercise without Sam’s voice telling me “Channel that inner ballerina” popping into my head. I may not be as graceful as a ballerina, but I still like to do 20 reps- slow and controlled.


5. Seated Curl & Press

Any exercise where I can sit on the couch is okay by me! With this one it’s important to sit tall with good posture. Make sure you keep your shoulder blades back. Curl and press, slow and controlled. I aim for 15 reps and if you don’t have dumbbells you can use 2 litre milk containers… or wine bottles!

I totally understand that exercising during pregnancy can be scary for some, especially if you don’t know what you can and can’t do. Exercising during all stages of pregnancy is actually extremely beneficial and can also assist with your recovery and make it easier to bounce back after giving birth. Just remember to check in with your GP first as every body and every pregnancy is different.



Sam Wood

Sam Wood is Australia’s favourite personal trainer. Gym owner, founder of Gecko Sports, creator of 28 by Sam Wood and proud family man. Beyond his business success, Sam is also a regular media contributor with frequent online, radio and television appearances. Sam combines 17 years industry experience, an unwavering passion to make a difference and his charismatic personality to deliver refreshingly honest and relatable messages to tens of thousands of people every day. As the pioneer of children’s fitness, owner of Australia’s biggest personal training gym and creator of 28 by Sam Wood there is no question that Sam is one of Australia’s leading fitness experts.