Whether you’re bouncing back from a structure-less ‘holiday’ diet or you’ve remained the strictest of strict throughout the silly season (with a free pass on Christmas day of course!), we could all do with a little booster in our diets that increases our energy levels and provides us with a clear mind.

This is where this frequently talked about, yet often understood, ingredient comes into play. With the aforementioned benefits plus many more, there’s no reason not to start consuming MCT Oil daily.

What is MCT oil and what does it do?

So we know some of the benefits it provides but what actually is MCT oil?

MCT oil is an acronym for medium-chain triglycerides basically meaning, for those who can’t quite recall the countless terms from high school nutrition class, that they are a form of saturated fatty acid (or saturated fats).

By now we’ve all got the memo that saturated fats aren’t actually awful for our bodies when consumed from certain food sources like grass-fed beef or coconut oil. They’re easier for our bodies to digest than long-chain triglycerides, meaning they’re a superior source of energy because they convert into fuel in record time (like sugar for an energy hit, minus the crash and other nasties that come with it). MCT oil’s quick digestion into the liver will support a firing metabolism because the oil can be used pretty much instantly for energy, rather than being stored as fat.

Are there other benefits?

The greatest benefit of MCT oil is obviously it’s ability to boost energy levels in an instant, meaning it can be used as an optimal fuel source for your body. However, it also provides myriad other health and wellbeing benefits including:

– Assisting in the maintenance of a healthy weight (because it provides a feeling of satiety)
– Reducing stored body fat (because it boosts metabolic function)
– Providing clarity in thinking
– Improving digestion
– Balancing gut bacteria and providing us the ability to fight bacterial infections and viruses
– Allowing the absorption of fat-soluble nutrients from food sources

Where can I get MCT oils?

MCT oil can be found in pre-existing food sources like coconut oil, palm oil (which should be avoided if possible due to palm oil producers’ known destruction of natural animals’ habitats) and butter, cheese, full-fat milk and full-fat yoghurt from grass-fed cows. Whilst all of these food sources do contain MCT oils, they are only in part (approximately 14 per cent of the total weight of coconut oil is MCT), which means the superior source is straight MCT oil, which can be easily purchased at supplement stores. (We are loving Melrose MCT oil)

With what feels like the entire population not only embracing but touting the benefits of coconut oil, why not step it up a notch and try out MCT oil. All you have to lose is the foggy brain and lethargy you don’t want anyway, right?



Romy Daly

Romy is a journalist and writer with an avid love of food, fashion, beauty, travel, music and books. You’ll often find her in the kitchen trying out new recipes or tweaking old favourites to incorporate whatever her current food obsession is. In her spare time Romy enjoys reading anything and everything – nine times out of ten with a cup of tea in hand. As a fashion devotee she loves pretty much anything she can wear be it clothes, shoes or bags. On the weekends Romy enjoys a relaxed day with friends at one of the many nearby wineries in her native Adelaide Hills.