Abright beaming smile sounds pretty great, right? Well, the team at Perla have discovered the answer to your wish – in the powdery form of Activated Charcoal!

It might throw some off due to the effects of looking like a toothless pirate mid-use, but rest assured there’s been conscious efforts, enormous research & organic-loving advocates discovering exactly how beneficial activated charcoal is to not just your teeth, but the whole human body.

Our friends at Perla have tailored and honed their passion for general health and wellness into one very travel-friendly sized spherical goodie – a natural, painless, take home whitener. But the question remains – are you in the know about exactly what Activated Charcoal is and what it actually does?


Made from all-natural organic ingredients, it’s comprised of 100% coconut shell-activated charcoal proven to remove stubborn stains with its fine grains; they’re actually the key factor as to how charcoal penetrates, absorbs and lifts the stains from your teeth.

As long as you’re using it at least 3 times a week, you should begin to see results as stains created by coffee, wine, dark soft drinks and staining foods start to breakdown. Not only will this powdery godsend be busy polishing your ivory pearls, it’ll also be promoting good oral health by changing the pH balance in your mouth to help prevent cavities, bad breathe and gum disease.

With its all-natural composition, it’s not surprising that Activated Charcoal is a centuries old wives tale too. Sit down with your Nan & Pop and chances are they’re already familiar with charcoal and it’s health benefits. Even now, it can be used for water purification & filtration, particularly in countries where clean water isn’t a luxury.

The wholesome derivatives also translate to eco-friendly impacts as in this day and age; the importance of being environmentally friendly & sustainable isn’t lost on many. Its’ no added nasties and holistic manufacturing means that you’re getting the results you want, without sacrificing anything else to do so.

While the overall health benefits that come from charcoal are obviously a massive drawcard already, it goes that without saying that Perla and the booming natural teeth-whitening industry are doing us all the ultimate favour. Coffee, tea, red wine, whatever be your vice – we’ve got Perla and activated charcoal to thank for helping the reversal of our really, really enjoyable sins.



Kaitlyn Smith

Kaitlyn’s an avid traveller & foodie, who when not off spontaneously discovering new parts of the world, is often busy with her nose buried in books & eyes glued to documentaries. Having a passion for writing since she was a teen, Kaitlyn dabbled in other industries, but truly found her voice, confidence & creativity when she was living in NYC & LA. She’s a health & wellness lover who credits her sanity & day-to-day functioning to her daily exercise routine. She’s a believer in a balanced life so, when she’s not sweating it out, she can usually be found cooped up in her favourite cafe with her best girlfriends, turmeric latte in hand & a smile from ear to ear.