Not only are they appealing for their natural beauty, but crystals are known traditionally for promoting healing, enlightenment and prosperity and have been used by the Romans, Egyptians, Greeks, and Japanese to enhance metaphysical and psychic abilities. Crystals vary in their abilities and are said to guide you through specific difficulties according to their energy.

Here’s the beginners guide to getting crystal clear:

Amethyst​ – Traditionally Amethyst was known to protect against drunkenness (!) and prevent over
indulgence. It can also help summon clarity, help you to focus and make decisions.

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Carnelian​ – Varying in shade, Carnelian can be either red, orange, pink or brown. Carnelian is amazing for its strength in restoring energy, vitality and motivation. It’s also well known for helping to enhance

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Rose​ ​Quartz​ – With an unmistakable smoky pink hue it’s not surprising that rose quartz is notorious for attracting love. Placed next to your bed is the ultimate positioning for attracting more passion, enhancing your love life, or helping with self love.


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Lapis​ ​Lazuli​ – For the seriously spiritual, Lapis Lazuli is unique in its appearance with a vivid blue and gold tint that looks like a pool, reflecting sunlight. Lapis is known for helping to increase intuition and spiritual development. It’s also linked to expression and helps its own to articulately express opinions and resolve conflict with ease.


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