Moringa Olefiera’s nutrition profile is set to rival the green goodness of Kale with twice the protein of Spinach and three times the amount of iron. Also containing optimum levels of antioxidants, calcium, potassium and Vitamin A – Moringa is a heavy hitting addition to the rapidly expanding ‘superfood’ aisle.

Why should we add Moringa to the menu? The benefits are far and wide:

Glowing Skin – industry professionals, including Vogue, are becoming advocates of Moringa as part of a healthy skin regime due to its high Vitamin E and A content. We all know that Vitamin A & E are buzz words in the beauty industry, but they are crucial components in maintaining radiant skin and reducing the effects of ageing. Notably, Moringa is packed with antioxidants (in fact 6 times the amount found in Goji berries!) which are essential in protecting and repairing the complexion.

Immunity – Due to its high Iron and Vitamin A content, Moringa is a strong booster for the immune system and helps to fight off infections and illness.

Anti Stress – Moringa is a natural form of Adaptogens which have been used traditionally in Ayervedic and Chinese medicine to help reduce stress and improve concentration. Moringa contains L-Theanine which, unlike Caffeine does not have an adverse effect on the adrenal glands and stimulates energy without the same jolty effect.

Digestion– Moringa is rich in fibre, at 24% it supports healthy bowel function and digestion and means you feel fuller for longer.

And the best bit? Moringa is tasty! It’s has a green, earthy taste similar to spinach or Matcha and is delicious mixed into smoothies or salads.



Jess Matthews

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