Bath Art isn’t just the newest hashtag to flood our social media, it’s also a sacred method of skin cleansing, which we can thank our eloquent French friends for.

Contrary to the name, French Bathing has little to do with an actual bath. Instead it’s a method of rubbing down the body with a dry brush. It’s similar to exfoliating in the shower, but sans water.

Here’s how…

  • Use a dry brush with firm bristles to massage the body in circular motions towards the heart.
  • Begin with the feet and work your way up towards the heart, of course using tenderness where necessary.
  • After you finish brushing jump in the shower and moisturise.
  • The result is seriously glowing skin devoid of all the toxins that the body collects during the day.

The Benefits…

The primary goal of skin brushing is to remove toxins from the body by assisting in draining the lymph nodes, but it also aids in:

  • Digestion – By stimulating the digestive organs from the outside you help to, ummm, move things along on the inside. Make sure you pay special attention when massaging the tummy and colon areas.
  • Exfoliation – Skin brushing is the rawest form of exfoliation out there. By removing dead skin cells, you give the skin a natural radiance.
  • Inflammation – Reduces skin inflammation and tonal imbalances by removing buildup of residual products, and layers of dead skin.
  • Cellulite Management – Cellulite is the bane of every woman’s existence but the removal of built up toxins through brushing will help eradicate the body’s natural tendency to hold onto those pesky fat stores.

What are you waiting for? It’s bath time!



Jess Matthews

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